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    I like the 3 point one the best .

    Have you picked up the tutorial on idrawgirls yet?

    Anyway, I'm not sure what's above the horizon line in the first one (Top left), I'm guessing dark sky/clouds?

    In anycase, just remember that the further objects are away, the more whiter they will be, whereas the closer they are, they will be darker. It's good that you're working in B/W first.

    What I normally do is take a 100% soft brush in photoshop and make a new overlay layer (Or normal, up to you), and softly dab the horizon and anything in the distance with the airbrush. Conversely, I use a a combination of hard and soft brushes for the objects that are closer to the viewer. Overlay layer as well.

    Nice work keep at it

    (No need to visit my SB atm, nothing new. Trying to solve a problem I'm having in Zbrush with damaged meshes before I do any more sculpting)
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    Thx for the tips satan, I have been to idrawgirls and checked out his lava stream tutorial. It was kinda short but nice to study his workflow. Do you have any suggestions? Preferably free streaming tutorials

    Hope your problems with the mesh destruction i Zbrush are solved. Gonna check out your thread as soon as this is posted.

    This is concepts for the final project at school. Going to find a internship position now and then be an intern for the next six months. Hopefully

    Peace out

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    study, about 1 1/2 h in PS3 <-- Ref Pic!

    Hope that Crimson Daggers will be back soon!

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    your value and color studies are great. like the first one the best.

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    what a wierd ass avatar
    "Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasum." Cliff Blezenski

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