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    upcoming courses are gonna be killer...Have you seen this list??? They start on Wed

    Hey all! We have a great class coming up on Wednesday with El Coro and Brent Watkinson on EFFECTIVE LIGHTING and lighting for reference materials. This is an important class. I hope you can make it. Brent is one of the finest teachers I have ever had and is taking time out to help the community improve their work and their art and their understanding of lighting. El Coro knows more than a thing or two about this, and will have plenty to offer.

    Hope to see you there. We really do need your support to continue to offer these courses and keep this site open and free to the public. Bandwidth is going up every month nearly and we hope that you all will take advantage of this stuff while it is available. Every one of us needs this course. That much I know for sure. I will be there myself, as even I need to keep my lighting skills and art theory sharp.

    With that being said, check the link in this post. It has the upcoming stuff all lined out for ya.



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    Looks like some great stuff, Jason. Good job with your continued support of the artistic community.
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    Great Information!


    This will be a great class!

    For the last 15 years Brent Watkinson has delivered information on effective lighting for The Illustration Academy. He has educated not only the students at the Academy, but most of our faculty on the technical aspects of lighting, camera operation and even how to properly photograph your artwork. Come to this class with questions, he is a wealth of knowledge!

    Brent will also show you how artists set up and achieved lighting effects, create mood and appropriate light for the situation. It will be awesome to have an artist like Coro contribute with his understanding of these topics! Having the second point of view in a class that deals with technical information makes it much easier to understand. Coro will bring a great practical application component to this class!

    I can't wait to sit in and listen to this information!


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    Your information from your lighting course that I took at the Illustration Academy is still some of the most important information used in any of my image making. Learning to shoot your own photography for your assignments is an integral component to authoring your own content, and it is the simplest, yet most effective thing that anyone struggling to make professional level imagery can do to better their work immediately!

    Their seems to be this idea that if you use photography, that you are cheating. This is the furthest thing from the truth. It is just another step in the image making process. The top artists around the world use it to inform their pictures, either as research, reference, or both.

    A big thank you to you and Coro for setting this up!

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    Sounds absolutely fantastic. Thank you Jason and MB for getting these courses together. It is a great accomplishment and I hope more people show up each time!

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