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    Attachment manager

    I'm sure this is far from the first time this issue has been brought up, but the attachment manager has become more than an annoyance to me lately..

    I was attaching a bunch of pictures in my sketchbook, when all of a sudden all the images i was attaching were gone, only the last one i uploaded was there.. Then after reuploading ten or so of them all of ca went down and took my images with it, just as i posted. The back button saved the text, no luck with the images.. So yeah, frustration is an understatement.

    Normally i don't have a problem with the tedious insertion of all the info of every image, but when i have to do it three times for a bunch of images it becomes REALLY tedious. It would be awesome to save a couple of presets, so one could automatically fill in info thats used often. (like sketchbooks - observation - photoshop etc.) Saving custom presets and naming them would be a super welcome feature. I'd trade my gallery page for that feature any day of the week!

    Right now, to be safe, i'm uploading a few images, saving, editing the post to add a few more, repeat until done. Its not really ideal, and discourages posting any more than a couple of images at the time.

    Batch uploads where you would input the copyright and category info to apply to all selected images would also be heavenly!

    //edit: As for why my uploads suddenly disappeared the first time, i have no idea. But if it helps troubleshooting i'm running firefox on windows 7 64 bit.
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    I would too love to have the attachment manager more...well, manageable Didn't they say that a batch update would come with CA v.4? I can't wait for it!

    Although I haven't really experienced the same problems as you, there's another thing that happens frequently. After I've uploaded a bunch, I go back to my post and want to insert them where appropriate, but then the drop-down menu just doesn't work, nothing happens when I click it! Very frustrating, I usually have to reload the page (which means uploading the entire bunch again) and hoping it'll work that time.
    I'm using Opera v.10.0 on a Mac, btw.

    But yeah, like I mentioned, isn't there an update in these matters on the horizon?
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