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    Brief Introduction to this Thread:

    Here we'll be posting upcoming information for what's going coming up with the streaming classes on Below you can find previous announcements in order of date.

    Also, the Calendar is being revamped in order to be used, so you'll be able to track upcoming events there as well!


    Announcing the upcoming streaming classes which will be coming online over the next couple weeks! Please note that all times are in PST, Pacific Standard Time.


    "Conceptual Portraiture" by Anita Kunz
    $45.00 USD

    Kunz will explain her own creative process from cultivating ideas to using reference materials properly and legally. Then, she will move into conceptual portraiture showing tons of examples - including one conceptual portrait painting from start to finish in a set of 10 slides. In her own words:

    For this class I’ll be showing examples of portraits I’ve done, with explanations of how I came up with the ideas, and also how I utilized reference material to aid with the likenesses. It’s extremely important to use photography properly, both to understand the form and features of the face, and also to use the information in a photograph without infringing on the photographers copyright (lawsuits are rampant these days). Obviously it’s much better to use one’s own photograph from which to create an artwork, but often when an artist is commissioned to paint a famous person, only copyrighted photographs are available. The trick is to use the photograph properly.
    There will also be a Q and A period. - Anita Kunz

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    WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16th :: Starting at 2:00 PM PST
    $45.00 USD

    Want to discuss this class? Click here!

    Artists Roundtable: Point Of View
    $95.00 USD

    FEATURING :: El Coro, Kemp Remillard, NoxizMad, George Pratt, Sterling Hundley, and C.F. Payne

    This Saturday (Dec 12 2009) we will be having a roundtable discussion with Illustration Academy's George Pratt, Sterling Hundley and C.F. Payne. From Massive Black they will be Joined by El Coro, Kemp Remilard, and NoxIzMad. They will be discussing point of view. We define point-of-view as being comprised of idea, technique, drawing, execution, composition, color, etc. It is bigger than it's disparate parts, and greater. The discussion will cover what a point-of-view is, how each of these artists developed theirs and how it has effected their careers. Each artist will show and discuss examples of their work. They will also explain where and how they fit into the industry.

    Attachment 850667Attachment 850671Attachment 850672Attachment 850669Attachment 850673Attachment 850668

    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12th :: Starting at 11:00 AM PST
    $95.00 USD

    Want to discuss thic Class? Click here!


    "Simplicity" with Mark English
    $45.00 USD

    The theme for Wednesdays class
    will be Simplicity. Mark will show examples of his work, the process, how to
    approach an image using reference or painting from memory. He will also
    talk about and show his life drawings and the approach he created for
    students to help simplify what they are seeing and
    interpreting. - John English

    Attachment 846892Attachment 846893Attachment 846894Attachment 846895

    WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9th :: Starting at 2:00 PM PST

    $45.00 USD

    Want to discuss this Class? Click here!


    "Young Adult Book Cover from Start to Finish with Jon Foster"
    $95.00 USD

    This course will be a start to finish process of making a book cover. I'll show you my notes after reading the script, thumbs, worked up thumbs, finding reference, creating a good looking sketch, shape and value composition, lighting and value play, then to color and finish Come join me!
    -Jon Foster

    Attachment 842148Attachment 842149Attachment 842150

    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5th :: Starting at 11:00 AM PST

    store link here:

    Want to discuss this class? Click here!


    "Character Design: How I do it at Valve Software..." with Andrea Wicklund

    Artists are faced with a series of problems that need to be solved when designing a character. The process involves concept and narrative as well as form and function. I will outline the way I approach designing characters, touching on the importance of strong figure drawing skills, i.e. gesture, anatomy, proportion, contour , color, value, and composition within the character vignette will all be covered. I hope you will join me!


    Attachment 842141Attachment 842144Attachment 842142

    WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2nd :: Starting at 2:00 PM PST

    $45.00 Store Link here:

    Want to discuss this Class? Click here!


    "Sketchbook Clinic" by George Pratt and Carl Dobsky

    Developing your personal perspective: Methods, techniques, and theory to help you achieve a unique viewpoint.

    Sketchbooks have become an art form in an of itself. But I find, more and more, that students and professionals are having trouble getting their best work from the sketchbook into finished work outside of the sketchbook.

    A sketchbook, for me, has been a handy place to record observations about the world I live in, an ideation tool, journal/notepad and a launchpad for experimentation. I'll talk all of this and more, and give examples of, observational drawing, composition, etc. We will look at a variety of important solutions to getting the most out of your sketchbook, developing your mind and eye, improving communication, and achieving success in your finished works. - George Pratt

    Examples will be given of various artists' sketchbooks as well: Egon Schiele, Toulouse Lautrec, George Grosz, Eduard Thony, Ronald Searle, and more!

    SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28th :: Starting at 12:00 PM PST

    Attachment 837097Attachment 837098Attachment 837096

    $95.00 Store Link here:

    Want to discuss this class? Click here!

    "Effective Lighting and Photography for Reference" with Coro and Brent Watkinson

    Learn lighting and camera techniques to maximize the quality of your photo reference. Easy-to-use basic techniques
    that will help you achieve better reference images immediately. Get the most from your equipment by learning simple menu items
    available on most digital cameras.

    WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25 :: Starting at 11:00 AM PST

    Attachment 837095

    $45.00 USD Store link here:

    Want to discuss this Class? Click here!


    More info as it becomes available!
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