Good morning - I've been on CA and have kept a gallery here for a while, but I never had the time or dedication to maintain a decent consistency of sketchbooks until now, so I'll try my hand at one.

The first piece I've got to offer is a development of a concept of a Ship design for an Indie MMO, as a concept development thread journal stuff thing.
Comments, suggestions, everything - please help me learn and improve!
IF you use SAI and photoshop CS4 especially

Damascus57's first sketchbook & paint tool SAI
3 inch by 3 inch initial sketch. Was done under the instruction of "Viking Dragon ship crossed with Barbary corsair.
Not much to it there.

Damascus57's first sketchbook & paint tool SAI
A4 sized template. Polish isn't too much of an issue at this stage.

Damascus57's first sketchbook & paint tool SAI
This was the first feedback copy done. The hull is the primary point of insanity; the amount of polish needed to go into this puppy was insane.

Damascus57's first sketchbook & paint tool SAI

And another progress report. This was the stage where progress was actually being made - 12 hours after this stage, the hull, the neck and the wings would be finished.
I quite like the process of polishing the gold on the wings and on the Wolf. Very smooth, very nice results for a first timer like myself.

Damascus57's first sketchbook & paint tool SAI
Not much to say here except that this is where it began to get painful - all of these repeditive airbrushes, subtle highlights, making sure that every pixel is presentable. GAAWRRD.

Damascus57's first sketchbook & paint tool SAI
Getting there. Still needing more details and polish.

Damascus57's first sketchbook & paint tool SAI
Getting close. I love the wolf, but client would rather something with a bit less bite, so meh. Will change it.

First *REAL* attempt at painting something substantial. I will say it turned out alright. Took far too much work to be worth it. I wish I could remember a more in depth analysis of the process of creating this ship, but deadlines force me into early hours of the morning which kill brain cells which means I probably don't learn much because I can't remember what I learned except that drybrushing is the best form of highlighting on rough surfaces, and water is good for smooth, reflective surfaces.

The Style I had to adhere to is pixelarty and slightly cartoonish. Although this piece of work doesn't resemble either of those styles, It's been a huge learning curve for me to do something this refined on a 3 x 4 inch tablet with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and no tilt detection.
So I'm looking to get a biggar tablet to support my addiction to digital painting


I hope the image linking works