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  • cannibalcandy

    23 18.70%
  • Jaunay

    2 1.63%
  • ActsOfBob

    6 4.88%
  • Matt B

    5 4.07%
  • Jaro

    7 5.69%
  • Orm Irian

    1 0.81%
  • jspangler

    1 0.81%
  • lkjhgfdsa

    0 0%
  • TheMoody

    2 1.63%
  • nebezial

    3 2.44%
  • Steve Somers

    5 4.07%
  • Mr.Wittmann

    1 0.81%
  • Tommoy

    0 0%
  • LORD M

    0 0%
  • MasterStryke

    0 0%
  • Cloister

    1 0.81%
  • Marsch

    0 0%
  • 3mMajster

    0 0%
  • xzacto

    0 0%
  • scorge

    16 13.01%
  • openanewworld

    21 17.07%
  • RayTwicket

    1 0.81%
  • DevonDraws

    7 5.69%
  • JakkaS

    19 15.45%
  • dwinbotp

    2 1.63%
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    C.O.W.#161-- Merlin's Familliar -- VOTING!

    C.O.W. #161 --Merlin's Familiar-- VOTING!!



    Topic: Merlin's Familiar !

    Deadline for the voting: Tuesday 1 December 2009

    Posting thread (closed):
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    C.O.W.#161-- Merlin's Familliar -- VOTING!
    Magical Large Sized Homunculus

    A high level homunculus created by Merlin in his autumn years. He required something powerful, and well versed in the archaic knowledge. They are profoundly intelligent, witty, mischievous, and dangerous. Merlin calls this one Percival Pennypants.
    Wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the curious attraction of others.

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    Look at the monkey wh0re himself out:

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    Red face The Lailoken

    Artist: Jaunay

    Concept: The Lailoken.

    Lailoken is a servant to the great Merlin.
    During a late night while Merlin was mixing
    potions and prepare ingredients for the king,
    he thought that an assistant was necessary.
    Lailoken is the result of ten minutes work and
    a few spare things that Merlin had lying around.
    Bone, animal parts, loose beard,
    old rune parchment and a little fire.

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    Artist: ActsOfBob

    Concept: Merlin's Familiar : Xail
    Attachment 835385
    This eccentric little creature entered Merlin's life at a very early stage and has been mostly "helpful" in his studies of the arcane arts (minus one or two misplaced fire-bolts).

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    Matt_B's final (CoW 161)

    Artist: Matt_B

    Concept: Merlin's Familiar, Narg

    Narg is a crotchety old familiar that uses ill-manners and a quick tongue to mask a deep dependence towards it's master.
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    Artist: Jaro

    Concept: Merlin's Familiar - "Erlik"

    Possessing astounding agility, a sixth sense for dark magic and a nose for mischief, Erlik is either the ultimate magician's familiar or the most troublesome...

    Attachment 835627

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    Artist: Orm Irian

    Concept: Scath

    This little creature is especially useful for studies late at night. It can glow much brighter than a normal candle, if it’s needed (which is a big reduction of the danger of burning valuable books and notices, because of an accident with a candle).
    Beside this prized little ability, it is also very intelligent and can help its master to work out plans. The wings are far too small to fly around, but they can also turn into bright glowing parts- it can fly nonetheless, but it would need the help of magic.

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    Artist: jspangler

    Concept: Diakonos Demon

    Named for the Greek word "diakonos", which means "servant", the Diakonos Demon is an order of imp spawned from the souls of tyrants and despots. These twisted creatures are usually fated to serve the royalty of Hell as penance for their abhorrent behavior in life. Due to Merlin's unique parentage he manages to summon a Diakonos Demon to serve as his familiar and names the beast "Solomon".

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Chronosa
    Summoning his familial, Merlin introduces Arthur to Chronosa (the weeping homonculi of time misspent);
    thus proving to the new liege his abilities as a scorcerous conjurer of the missing arts...
    The word ‘anarchy’ comes from the ancient Greek αναρχία in which αν meant ‘without’ and αρχία meant first a military ‘leader’ and then ‘ruler’. Anarchist society is one ‘without rulers’: a classless, non-hierarchical society.
    “You need people like me.
    You need people like me so you can point your grubby fingers and say, "That's the bad guy.""

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    Artist: TheMoody

    Concept: Bartholomew
    Short description: A small bound demon which uses the silhouette of a barn owl to disguise its demonic nature to the casual observer. It serves merlin as a gopher and a helping hand, though not without reservation.

    Long Description: This creature is in fact a summoned and lesser demon, bound under the name Bartholomew, lest its true name allow it to break its bonds. While retaining much of its true form from the Pit, it has shifted slightly such that its silhouette allows it to hide amongst the human world. It is approximately two feet in height.

    It feeds upon small creatures such as rodents and insects, or any other raw and bloody meat its master might give it. With its large, hinged, vertical jaw, it can swallow a creature up to that of a large housecat. Grasping with its many lower legs and shoving the food into its mouth, it is able to subdue even strong prey.

    As Merlin's familiar, it uses its dextrous hands to help with the many tasks a wizard might engage in. Writing, creating physical components, studying ancient tomes, and even the working of magic. It is of roughly human intelligence, and capable of somewhat garbled speech.

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    merlins housewarmer

    Artist: nebezial

    Concept: merlin's housewarmer

    heres my first try on cow, its a lovely little housewarmer, it feeds on firewood but it lasts three times longer than just burning the wood

    all in all a useful little bugger
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    Artist: Steve Somers

    Concept: The Mandrake of Tintagel

    Within Merlin's cave at Tintagel lives a creature born of earth and sky brought forth from the darkness and bathed in light. A Familiar to Merlin and conduit into other realms where one may behold the hidden architecture of the universe and the hidden motives of mankind..

    Updates and new work:

    CA Sketchbook:

    Available for freelance

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    Artist: Mr.Wittmann

    Concept: Impurr Gooh

    In the early years of Merlin’s mastery in magic, he summoned a creature from not this world, a little helper, an imp from the shadow universe and it was called Impurr Gooh because of the similarity to a forest imp, Impoh Guhn.
    The Gooh was the first creature Merlin created with its purpose to help Merlin on his trips around the world. It can feel energies from unnatural events and creatures that are happening or have happen.

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    Artist: Tommoy

    Concept: Brisandor
    Mythical creature because of its bad attitude is nowhere mentioned in the saga's about King Arthur, Camelot and Merlin himself of course. So there is nothing to tell really, sorry.
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    Artist: LORD M

    Concept: Merlins little helper

    Merlins little helper - or more like un-helper. Merlin created this creature as a mean to get an servant that help him fetch things Merlin need to be able to create some of his magical breweries, you know things like every ordinary wizard have to use to make that special potion to give one super strenght or something like that. Although the little helper is rather clumsy and brings the wrong herbs resulting in an explosion of smoke or similair, and it likes to eat all those delicious lizard eyes when Merlin runs short on them. Merlin have had the thought of turning his little "helper" into a kettle so that he can get some use for it.
    Last edited by LORD M; November 24th, 2009 at 08:02 AM.
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