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    C.O.W. #161 -- Merlin's Familliar -- Posting WIPs thread

    C.O.W. #161 -- Merlin's Familliar -- Posting WIPs thread

    For more infos and details about the rules go here:

    Round #161 Merlin's Familliar!

    Merlin's Familliar!

    Merlin's Familliar-- Thanks to Cloister for this weeks topic.

    A familliar is a creature kept by a powerful wizard as a type of companion. Wizards can take any type of creature as a familliar: birds, rats, lizards, etc. The black cat is the stereotypical familliar of witches. A familliar may aid the wizard in any number of ways, and it is often thought that a wizard and his/her familliar are spiritually or magically bonded. A wizard may use a familliar as an extra set of eyes, a focal point for insight into other realms (think of the movie Constantine when Keanu Reeves looked into the eyes of that cat so he could see into Hell) as a way to increase his/her influence, as well as simple companionship.

    Having done a little reading about Merlin on Wikipedia, I can't find any mention that Merlin had a familliar in any of the Arthurian myths. So, we're going to invent one for him. Further, having read the article on Wikipedia, I learned that Merlin, as a wizard, is really quite special. Merlin was born a cambion, meaning one of his parents was human and one of his parents was a demon. Specifically, in this case, Merlin was born of a virgin mother, sired by an incubus, a demon which visits human women in their sleep and has sex with them. In certain versions of the Merlin story, Merlin was actually Satan's attempt at fathering the Antichrist! Merlin's mother came to realize Satan's plan and quickly had her infant son baptized to save him from the fate of bringing the end of the world. Merlin was saved that diabolical fate, but retained his supernatural insight and powers, growing up to be the most famous wizard in all of literature.

    So, here's the deal. As a wizard in search of a familliar, I don't think Merlin would have been satisfied adpoting any old cat or bird or lizard. Merlin is an entity born of both the natural world and the realm of Hell. I think Merlin would have used his magical power to create a completely new creature to serve as his spiritual and magical companion. In keeping with his own nature, this familliar would have to be both of the natural world and Hell.

    Your task is to design a new creature that would serve the purpose of being Merlin's familliar, his spiritual companion, in life. Really push to create a new creature design that fits the description. New creature. Not a lizard with a lions mane and devil horns. Look at real animals for anatomical reference, certainly... but create something NEW.

    All right. Have fun with it.

    Monday November 23rd, 2009

    Finals go here: http://="

    note: The deadline won't be EXACTLY after a can last up to 24 hours or more, i am human and have to work also, you know
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