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    Thanks for the advice guys!
    I took the criticism to heart and started messing around with some variants for the body - I'm not really in love with any of them.. I'll probably keep messing around for a while until I get something I like but let me know if any of these designs stand out to you .

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    So, this might be the first time I participate also at the COW- I don't know if I manage to finish my picture till the next monday, but I will try.

    I really love the creatures that are uploaded since yet!

    Whatever, here is my WIP for the contest- I added already some colors, but the creature will get more colorful still..
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    @orm: nice concept,

    some more colours on his skin or some other coloured details would be good

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    Cloister - cool sketches!
    jcpahl - LOL, love his face expression but somehow it's hard to believe he could be useful for the magician, at least he doesn't look like a genius .. love that sketch!
    Wiggers - I like how you combined the human parts with the fish tail. I think you could change his skull a bit. Now it looks like a horse skull (except the teeth) and it doesn't fit the the rest of body. Because I keep in mind that it's the horse skull, and all those candles, book and maps can't convince me to think it's a small creature, but still this is a cool one!
    retter - I'm not sure what was the inspiration, but it reminds me a dolphin-like levitating creature. I think you could add some brown and purple patterns/colours. Like here:


    Ps. Below is my WIP. I know that at first look it doesn't fit the topic, but believe me I have quite good story for this image

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    After some coloring..

    C.O.W. #161 -- Merlin's Familliar -- Posting WIPs thread

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    Jakkas - Waiting to hear the story on that, weird concept. By the way, those other COW's you didn't post for the other challenges were sweet, especially the sea monster with the saggy boobs.

    Wiggers - The extra color might be too much. the other thing I notice is the foot farthest from the viewer seems out of perspective with the shelf he's on. He's a beauty though..

    Arthur 2 seeds - Very vibrant color, and well painted so far. Not sure what's up with those extra legs.

    I'm thinking of a creature that's part mandrake (the root) but also a transdimensional portal to hell for the famous Necromancer, so he can call Daddy. So that pedestal in Merlin's cave there will have the creature sitting on it, but there will surely be changes.

    Updates and new work:

    CA Sketchbook:

    Available for freelance

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    Haha i can't win with colour thanks for the crits jakkas and Steve Somer
    awesome job you two, bloody big familier jakkas! looks mighty cool though.

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    Uhhh i love the disney movie (got it on dvd) it is hilarious, especially Archimedes! Could be really interesting to give this theme a more realistic touch, instead of thinking about the skinny, white bearded guy and his sarcastic least that's the first what comes to my head when somebody says Merlin...hehe.....

    Wiggers : i really like that piece, but i think the structure of the
    creature is a bit unbalanced and I second what Jakkas said about
    the size.... it looks like a massive and heavy creature with big
    head armor...but that doesn't go along well with the size it
    conveys through the environment.

    ActsofBob....uhh really like the new one better, indeed magical

    Jakkas, Steve Somers......really excited to see where these are going.

    Placeholder (hopefully)

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    Haha great familiar, Steve Somers, going for a Mandrake stands out a bit and makes it a bit more unique. Good approach!

    Wow, jcpahl. Cool design, totally weirds me out. The right ---> lower leg aren't as thick as the left lower leg, makes it look a bit awkward.

    JakkaS, that's awesome. Reminds me a bit of Shadow of the Colossus, must be the moss and the blackish stone combined wth that blue glow.

    Orm Irian, intresting concept, just don't overuse black when you're shading it.

    retter , freakish. So far the original design looks best.

    Very Hieronymus Boscht, Wiggers . It looks like it cam from one of his paintings, I love it!

    Here's some things I've been sketching on. Personaly, I blame Disney.
    "I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams" - Zdzislaw Beksinski
    My Happy Little Sketchbook, please check it out and help me get better!

    My TUMBLR!

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    Wow... loving some of these WIPs. Jakkas, that thing is huge but I guess since Merlin is sort of the "Wizard of wizards" he deserves a potent familiar.

    Here is my creature render in progress... needless to say they do not have an altogether perfect relationship. I am going to add some script behind Merlin that hints at his opinion of the creature but haven't sorted all that out yet.

    Cloister : to answer your earlier question, I am also trying to buff out my portfolio as an Illustrator for some very particular work so I have been going a bit "tame" on the concepts to try and end with an easily recognized image. I agree, my creature is little more than an altered "imp" but I think the background material and it's concept are new enough. So basically yeas, its a demon... but it's not really an imp and has its own unique origin and nature.

    Wiggers : Still love that Boschy-Demon, although I had imagined it more as "hound" size. For some reason it just seems like an eager dog in its stance. A very ugly and malformed dog at best... but it's nature and posture had me thinking it was about dog-ish size.

    Lege1 : Thanks for the PM. Its already been a big help and I will be checking all of that info out.

    Steve Somers : Love that cave. And the creature... weird as always but definitely a new creature.

    jcpahl : That little guy is butt-ugly... but in a good way. One thing though... the tips of the wings would not drop lower that the feet in perspective unless the wings were swept forward (and they don't seem to be). fixing the drawing so that they sweep back will help "ground" your little guy.

    DLLShaggit : Welcome and nice job. I like him and he seems useful. Can't wait to see an update.

    LordM : I am not a big fan of anime-ish creatures and certainly not a fan of cute critters. Having said that though I will definitely say it has style, character, and is well drawn.

    retter : "B" to me seems to fit his overall anatomical "direction" best. If it were me I would develop along those lines.

    ActsofBob : I hope you are developing the latest sketch you posted. That creature just reeks magic and owlish wisdom.

    *Sorry if I am missing people... just browsing back through the thread and adding comments as they strike me.*
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    I am new in the page, and I would like to start taking part, overcoat to learn, this is my first round.
    It is a sketch of a rock golem and magma that possesses water, fire and air, i think that it is for every magician serious very useful, and better for our best Magician Merlin. It moves for a whirlpool of wind and water, reaching big speeds and heights hehe. I have placed a face diabolical in his abdomen to attribute his malignant side.
    There are different faces ... but the one that I like is the one that has position
    C.O.W. #161 -- Merlin's Familliar -- Posting WIPs thread

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    Here is my wip, I'm not so happy with head, so, heads will roll.

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    I'm doing my usual and popping in here and then popping back out again.. lack of time etc.. blah blah blah.. the norm, so I apologize now for not commenting on anyones work.
    So here's my effort so far, in step form.. unfinished and it'll prolly stay this way, ahh well.

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    nice jakkas, but i dont get what this huge creature has to do with merlin ^^

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    Some nice wips here.

    I made about 20 or so random shapes and then picked 4 to turn into creatures. I think I must be hungry 'cause most of 'em look like chickens.

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