Black Bow Software Co., Ltd is a world leading 3D game arts enterprise that develops and creates
character and environment game arts, game animations and special effects products in 3D game
industry. We have cooperated with lots of game companies, game publishers and developers by
providing 3D and 2D game arts to them. Our artists have good command of 3D knowledge, and
have experience of making the game arts for real time strategy game, puzzle game (hidden objects),
sci-fi, adventure, fighting, shooting, sports, games for iphone, etc.

We also have experience of creating games arts for PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii platform games.

U can see lots of our works on our websites on Gallery sections.
Website: http://

We mainly provide:
Low Poly / High-Res Character modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering,
rigging, normal mapping, animation.
Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, normal mapping
Objects/Props modeling, texturing, normal mapping

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact me at