This is something of a repost, but the firm we originally went with is closing down so we need some quick help with 2D illustrations and sketches. 3D work is mostly locked up, but animators and artists with Unity3D experience are welcome to contact us in case we need some backup.

Our game is entitled Kelvin's Space Ranch, and it's a time-management title in the vein of Diner Dash and Sally's Spa. Its art direction is fairly whimsical and cartoony, and definitely kid-friendly. Due to this style, texturing detail is rather sparse in favour of using smooth, bright gradients.

The assets we still need for it are as follows:

- Title Screen illustration.
- 15 or so icons of simple objects, roughly 300x300 pixels in size. The final sizes will be shrunk down, but we'd like the originals to be a bit higher-res in case we need to use 'em in other places.
- 4-5 panels 400x150 pixels in size that will serve as colour illustrations of characters/animals.
- 4-5 concept sketches for 3D modelers.
- 4-5 small in-game illustrations (talking head, rewards medallion, etc.)

As a reference, here's some of the early concept work:

And some screenshots from an earlier game in the same series:

If you're interested and have valid PayPal account, please contact us at The remaining budget for these resources is about $1,000 USD, and ideally we'd like a single person/studio to tackle the leftover work.

Thanks for your time,