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Thread: brief advice from Wes Burt

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    brief advice from Wes Burt

    So i sent out an email to Wes over a month ago asking him some questions about how he works and how he learns things.. i was lucky enough to get a reply.. and i thought instead of just letting it collect dust in my PM box i could share it here and perhaps inspire or
    enlighten some people.. so without further ado

    How many hours a day do you spend drawing? My goal everyday is 4-6 hours, what is your goal amount?

    What did you use to learn all that you know about anatomy and rendering?

    Wes Burt:
    heya krato,
    ill see if i can answer all your questions here,
    i usually dont keep track of how much time i spend drawing every day. somedays i work on stuff all day long at work and then go home and draw or paint my own stuff. sometimes i might have days where i dont draw at all. i enjoy drawing though, so i often get the urge to do it and i pretty much always have my moleskin and other paper with me at all times.
    as for anatomy, i didnt really use any particular book, ive just done lots and lots of life drawing and really focusing on understanding the hows and whys of anatomy and how light falls on form. you could say that thats something that is always turned on in my mind, looking at things around me and breaking down how i would turn that into a representational image of form.
    you can draw all the time, but if youre not thinking about and analyzing what youre doing...then it might not progress quickly.
    look at art you like and try to breakdown what it is that works so well in it. look at images or people to draw from and break down what the basic forms are and focus on drawing accurately.
    basically, theres not a set regiment to any of it, its really more about approaching it with the right mindset.


    ok so i clearly edited my question pm and cut out the unneeded stuff.. but besides the Italic effect thats all Wes on the bottom
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    Thanks to Wes, too. This sort of thing is really a no-brainer, but it's amazing how often we forget something so simple like this. Good reminder presented in a good way. Good job, guys.

    Let's draw
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    "be water, my friend"

    thanks Krato!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Challie View Post
    "be water, my friend"
    Yes. Also...

    "Seek to understand the root. — It is futile to argue as to which single leaf, which design of branch, or which attractive flower you like; when you understand the root, you understand all its blossoming." - Bruce
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