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    Wow, really beautiful drawings, such a treat to have looked through this sketchbook. Not much else to say, will definitely stick around to see more!

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    fucking sweet! this kind of made my day! 5*'s

    somebody's gotta sponsor you to take some printmaking classes and give you a supply of gold leaf... you could do some seriously badass neo-schiele/klimt/mucha work with that. love the linework and the combination of flat/rendered shapes. don't worry about the facial expression thing some people are suggesting--it's good as it is and it fits with the otherworldly, timeless serenity of your images. if it needs to change, it will happen naturally with time.

    again, some really cool stuff going on here!

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    I really like your style, keep up the good work.

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    Holy hell man.. o__o I was literately scrolling through your sb with my mouth hanging open. I love your sketching style. Your shapes, lines, compositions, ideas.. ;__; powerful and fresh. The first sketch in #97 is something I'd want on my wall.
    My sketchbook - come critique me!
    jesse martel@tumblr

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    Hi! Your works are amazing, interesting and very inspiring. I like you style.

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    @Theodor: Ah thanks! I checked out the website and stuff myself, they have some incredible things up there! And yes and yes... I think? I always took fancy to those pop adverts and things (especially in american illustration). But thanks for the tip off on the site. Will check it again.

    @tehmeh: What a lovely thing to say, and thanks for stopping by. I hope I don't disappoint in the future.

    @ccsears: This is such an amazing compliment, thanks! After reading it though, it suddenly clicked that the Uni over here does short courses on print making and all the different types. SO naturally I'm signed up for the summer classes now. Hope it all goes well.

    As far as the whole expression thing, I think I know what you mean. I did start this thread when I had first moved to the UK, and without realising it until later, I was beginning to fall into some kind of depression. Culture shock or maybe missing my family, since I've had them so incredibly close for all those years, I think all that unhappiness just drained strait into to my works. I think I'm getting out of the moping phase, but I still don't feel it's necessary to have over exaggerated expressions...

    And I'm over explaining myself again. Anyway, thank you for your insight!

    @bleedhondos: Thank you lovely, and thanks for stopping by.

    @JesseM: Ahha, thanks for the incredible comment! I guess sometimes I try to do something "different" but don't feel it's as flashy as some of the other work out there. But at the same time goes on, I don't feel it's important to be the best or to -always- try and clamour to the top with skill and technique. I've really been feeling at peace just doing what I like (but I should be careful, as that can be a honey trap as well). Thank you again though!

    Finally finished that Sketchbook Project thing. I feel...well especially when i did finish it, free. Completely free and like the world is my oyster...We will see.

    Attachment 1402178

    Basement Jaxx - Alkazaar
    Basement Jaxx - Walking in the Clouds

    Attachment 1402179

    Daedelus - An Armada Approaches

    Attachment 1402180

    Daedelus - The Finishing of a Thing
    Daedelus - Overwhelmed

    Attachment 1402181

    Daedelus - One and Only
    Daedelus - Sew,Darn,Mend

    The rest of the sketchbook project actually turned out to be a kind of weird sequenced story thing. I was running out of time so I asked tom "what should I draw?" as you do... and basically whatever came out of his mouth I was determined to draw.

    So the list went like so

    Our Dog
    A tree
    his sister said A Minotaur
    A city
    A wizard with 5 balls :I
    a dragon!

    So I tried to do all of them and compile a story together, which was pretty fun.You can read all the captions about it in my blog. I like to call the collection "Letters to My Mother"... but yeh.

    so after that, the first day, I go right back to drawing the most gay stuff i possibly can.

    Attachment 1402182

    It's as if I learned nothing from my hard and arduous journey... But oh well. Man flesh is always best to draw. Started colouring it too in a livestream. It quickly got way out there and full of drawmaw and talking about weird shit. but it's always in good fun.

    Attachment 1402183

    And..well I kind of like how it's coming out. The skin tone isn't particularly correct yet for the character but...fixable. I should really stop drawing shit from my imagination though...need to do more studies! I started one the other day. got no where.

    Oh and here's some old pencil drawing I did ages ago, but started to colour recently

    Attachment 1402184

    And something I did at work

    Attachment 1402199

    I would stop drawing at work. but you know. It's quiet and shit. There's no one there. I'm kind of standing around. It's freezing. And yeah. Drawing. I need to do it. I also need to stop doing portraits and shit. They get boring.

    this song is great

    Daedelus - Unadventurer

    Lots and lots of Daedelus lately. Can't get enough of that... Still really miss my little sister...

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    I havn't really done too much in the last month. But I finished these two things.

    Attachment 1429668

    Had a good time painting that. I just wanted to actually "finish" something. So I did. I think. Had fun chatting with friends on the live stream though. It's really annoying now though cause the new version, the little chat box just floats on top of everything, and you can't make it go away. I had such a clever set up too...

    and this.

    Attachment 1429669

    which is probably the most gay thing posted on the entirety of the site... probably. but its whatevs. Had fun painting that one too. It's kind of annoying though cause I paint everything very closely, so it always looks horrible when you zoom out at a size where you can see the whole picture....need to work on that.

    I actually started a Pin Up calendar project for myself, with strange pan sexual males, cause no one does that shit. Never really seen a decent male pin up calender thing. And I don't like super masculine super muscle males. They look kind of grooosss. so. yeh. The calendars can actually be found on my blog and pretty much look like this.

    anyway, here's some close ups cause....well....dunno.

    Attachment 1429675

    I was pretty happy with how I was all doing the lighting on the hand. Then when I resized it for posting and whatever, I realised that it was barely even visable. So I need to stop this zooming in all the way to paint mess.

    Attachment 1429676

    And his face actually looks marginally normal close up, but it's all a sweet lie...

    I had some other pencil sketches somewhere...but I don't think i scanned them in. OH, almost forgot this thing.

    Attachment 1429678

    I havn't really drawn jesus in action yet so I thought it was about time I did. So maybe all isn't lost.

    I've started doing actual painting with real paint. Acrylic and what not. I forgot how much fun it is. And really going to try and push myself out there locally this year. The internet, though it is good and great, isn't really my forte I guess.

    Real exciting.'s a song.

    Clara Hill - Endlessly (Freddie Joachim Remix)

    Don't know who the Clara Hill chick is, but Freddy Joachim is slowly creeping up my list of lovely artists.


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    Wow, amazing work!
    Your drawings are unique. I love your style!

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    @Greenhouse: Thanks love

    I was really getting into this one, especially since it was a kind of imprint stuck in my mind for a long time now.

    Attachment 1432199

    But I feel like I've lost something along the way.....Should proabably take a break from this one. I'm still pretty happy with it, but it's uneven...and...there's a big storm missing in some parts....

    Freddie Joachim - Morena

    I've started a tumblr if anyone cares : cool

    hnnn....I uhhhh....I don't know.

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    I was reading my original post just a second ago. I didn't really do anything I said I wanted in that post....and I'm not really that bothered. Is that a bad thing? Maybe.

    Attachment 1439175

    I keep drawing at work now....And being more emotional with my work I suppose...I think that's good.I'm actually pretty happy with myself at the minute. Dangerous. Hm.

    Attachment 1439176

    I drew this second thing for a girl on dA that goes by ~GameDweeber

    I was taking requests for my sketchbook project ages ago, but finished that up mostly with my own stuff and she asked, even though that request thing is like, months old now. But she seemed nice, so I drew her wolf thing anyway. I never really draw ...fantasy things like that I guess? I never feel like I do, so I thought it would be fun to try something different. I'm alright with how it came out...only spent a day on it though really. or two? I don't even know....

    Original is here : yo.

    It must be an interesting life of those who randomly get attacked by godly swans....

    love love.

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    really love the compositions and ideas you have going here

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    wow awesome stuff! love it! thanks for sharing.

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    Wow, you've got quite a style going here. That city atop a giant dog is amazing.
    "An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience righly considered." -GKC

    website Sketchbook blog

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    Gosh, I love your drawings so much! Makes me want to take my pencils for myself and do some drawings...
    And the thing is, I have seen your sketchbook some months ago for the first time and loved it already. But I forgot to subscribe (what I've done now!) and didn't know your name - so I was sad that I couldn't find that sketchbook anymore! And now I'm happy that I can see all your work here again.
    What impresses me most are the expressions of your characters. There's a kind of melancholy I appreciate

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    felt in love with yours sketches, those lines are just pure awesomeness, shading is also good, especially the way you shade nose

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