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    wow, your stuff is pretty dope shit. defenitely going to come back

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    @in2eternity : Ouf, thanks! I always wonder like, the time expentency when working professionally. I'm always terrified about deadlines and things, though I probably only work slow because it's personal, and I don't really limit myself.... Might be worth trying to set deadlines on my personal work ...wonder how that would work out...

    @surus : Thanks, need to do more sketches though. More studying. I'm so lazy :c

    @lolbbq : Dude, I'm honored.

    This update is pretty meager again. I'm only now really starting to find more time for drawing. Still havn't made room for studying because i've been going on a drawing binge. I find that because I always though myself to be so fickle with my work in my younger years, once I start a drawing these days, I do everything I can to see it from begining to end. I need to learn how to leave some things as a sketch I think, and that not everything has to result in some finished product.

    I've been having that feeling again. You know, when you look at everyone else's amazing work and just kind of. Mope. around.

    I did do some dog studies of my brother's dog Ellie though.

    ʕ; `ᴥʔ ☆Sketchbook☆! (December 2016 Updated )

    She's crazy. Norwegian Black Elkhound. A powerhouse of sorts. But soooooo fun. My little runt dog doesnt like her very much when we use to live back in the states.

    ʕ; `ᴥʔ ☆Sketchbook☆! (December 2016 Updated )

    I did this in the laundrette (again) the other day. Cleo had a dream of Christopher. He think's this is the prettiest he's ever seen him.

    Now, there's this old lady who works at the laundrette. She's a bit annoying cause she quite oftens really hovers around when im trying to draw. I don't want to be mean and tell her to go away because I know she's probably just genuienly curious as most people are. But I swear I start to break out in a frantic cold sweat when people are all lingering and shit.

    I did this the other day just kind of as a stress reliver .

    ʕ; `ᴥʔ ☆Sketchbook☆! (December 2016 Updated )

    I've been wanting to draw Jesus again, but always and forever will be side tracked. Not enough time. I guess I like it, but as usual, when i draw something, I'm always happy with it while working on it, and shortly after. But dread it a few days later.

    Regardless I started painting over it anyway. I havn't spent long on it but, its w/e.

    ʕ; `ᴥʔ ☆Sketchbook☆! (December 2016 Updated )

    Havn't worked on it very long but I'm having fun with it I guess, And I can already see a few things that need some serious patching up that I couldn't when it was monochromatic. Lots and lots of work to do yet.

    le sigh.

    I hate those weird moments. Does anyone else ever get all mopey about their work? Doesn't it suck ass?I think I'll go draw something pornographic involving two men for valintines day.... another thing to get in the way of actual studying......

    No more whimpy updates anymore. I promise. I swear....
    I still get mad nervouse when I post on here

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    Beautiful sketchbook you have going here
    and yeah I get mopey about my work as well
    just keep trying to have fun and draw things you think are interesting
    have a good one ill be back for more

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    Holy shit your work is aces

    Do you like Richard Gray? I do. A lot.
    sb most art copied to page 1
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    Your lines are really fun to look at they have a really nice dynamic quality.
    Does anyone else ever get all mopey about their work?
    I think everyone does, yes. When I feel crappy I usually revert to studies, ether traditional stuff, or from other artists I admire. That way I draw pretty things, even if they're not mine. After a few hours... .or days of this I loosen up and start drawing better personal stuff.
    Or I just draw random things. owls are my latest thing... when in doubt draw owls...

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    You have made those super long faces look amazing.

    Most people make them look kind of downsey.



    "Only put off till tomorrow, what you are willing to die left undone." -Pablo Picasso

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    @OmertA: thanks love!

    @Velocity Kendall: No, I never heard of them before, but now I think I'm in love. I don't think I can thank you enough for this link. Love how he integrates high fashion into his work too. Thank you thank you thank you.

    @Rhubix: This is a fantastic idea. I will def try this in the future when I'm being lazy/bored/a talentless hack. I too love owl's but I have a terrible time drawing birds. I looove barn owls, so I think I might give that a try.Thanks for the tip.

    @kiwigarbage: Thats probably because I have a super long face . At least they look okay, I guess D: Thanks!

    Now I know i kept saying " oh man, gotta do a real good update next time hurrrr" so, I waited a bit. Not sure if this classifies as a decent one though, tbh.

    I was listening to Takeo Toyama, and this happened.

    ʕ; `ᴥʔ ☆Sketchbook☆! (December 2016 Updated )

    I've been coming by all kinds of music recently i think. You know the whole..broadening the horizons and what have you...


    ʕ; `ᴥʔ ☆Sketchbook☆! (December 2016 Updated )

    Was listening to Everything Everything - NASA is on your side. This was actually an art trade with someone on dA. I think they liked it...hope so anyway. I like doing art trades and stuff and drawing other peoples characters. Makes me have to think about things differently.

    This one is again, someone else's character, called Scilence.

    ʕ; `ᴥʔ ☆Sketchbook☆! (December 2016 Updated )

    I took some ...artistic privelages with this one a little bit. They said they liked it though. It was a bit strange, cause, I don't normally draw that light...I don't think so anyway.

    This one is the first peice of a comission I have from someone.

    ʕ; `ᴥʔ ☆Sketchbook☆! (December 2016 Updated )

    I was actually quite happy when the person asked me because they have a really fun style, and really liked how tribal and different it looked compared to most characters people have.

    The original can be seen here

    His name is Astrazione.

    It also gave me an excuse to spend more time looking for
    to suit
    the mood
    while I was drawing. And I have to draw the grey one next.So I'm totally hyped about that.

    I really want to try painting that last one too, cause I havn't been spending much time painting, and alot with my pencils. I normally use just a parker mechanical pencil for most my drawings, but that last one i busted out my drawing pencils. It felt good. I forgot how awesome the quality is of those pencils. Need to use them more.

    ...Maybe next time I wont dissapoint!

    oh, and. Happy Easter.

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    Here's some other stuff. I feel like I'm really starting to neglect this. I jsut can't seemt o contribute beyond posting my own work. I hesitate everytime I want to write something to someone. I don't want to come off as...well anything coherently bad. So. I'll just drop these here. Sorry for being really useless.

    ...theres alot of crap...anyway.

    This is something im currently working on, when i finish up all the shit I have to do.

    Attachment 1248211

    The image is actually quite huge and has the rest of his body, but the face part is the only decent bit so, thats what I'm showing...

    and um. I like asses, so I draw a few of them from time to time. Like these ones:

    Attachment 1248215


    Attachment 1248221
    (this one i waas actually happier with before i even added all the shading and whatever. Just looks funny to me now)

    oh and.

    Attachment 1248266

    Lovely christopher. He's my favorite. And I drew this one at work on the fly. Which I shouldnt be doing, but it was jsut too quiet. So, nothing fantastic

    there is this thing too.

    Attachment 1248229

    Which I also did at work. Should stop doing that...

    Attachment 1248232

    and another one... god. I'm so awful.

    um. There's this thing :

    Attachment 1248218

    I was trying to do that whole drawing a day thing. Totally can't do it. I get too emotionally attatched to every peice I do, so it becomes a struggle. But when I'm not , crap ensues. And I think these next few were as well...actually the majority of these were, but got extended over a few days...

    Attachment 1248242

    Attachment 1248246

    Attachment 1248249

    We recently started watching star trek. Data is my absolute favorite. I want to give him a hug.

    Attachment 1248236

    This last one I worked on for a long while. I was working on it when ever I had the chance, since I had very little time these past weeks. I was drawing on the bus, while walking, while watching work again...

    It's the face that haunts me. It's not as close as I would like it to be. It's not exactly how I see it in my mind, but it's close enough I suppose. Phantom things arn't very good at sitting still.

    feeling pretty lazy this evening. Sorry.... So hard to stay motivated all the time. I got in a long winded conversation with about 4 people. Internet arguments. oh the drama.

    I also managed to make a good friend, and loose that same friend within a span of a week. It was pretty akward. Not really in regret or anything but. It was strange.

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    Really interesting style you got here mixed up with art nouveau, manga and american style comic elements (i guess ). Pretty much every piece is enjoyable. You are good illustrator. Bravo!

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    Holy fuck. Your style is amazing. It's like Leyendecker and Mucha with a splash of James Jean. Incredible. Do you ever draw people in public?>

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    Awesome! Very much art about them! I love the style! I can only say that they are beautyful!

    Edit: this and the one on orange background are wonderful!!!! And the other ones with cool patterns that reminds me of art nouveau or andrew jones
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    Yours sincerely,

    My sketchbook

    My Portfolio

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    i love your sketchbook. A lot of sensibility..

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    Amazing pencil work! I read some of your blog and I bought the pencil you use. Hopefully its as magical for me

    Keep up the awesome work!

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    luvly sb )))

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    wow, amazing sketchbook! im dying to see more!! love the style.
    Some Sketchbooks you should check out! --->
    (expect this list to change alot)

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