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    I just got painter, and i cannot seem to figure out how to blend paints on canvas, can anyone help me out?
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    You'll need to use brush variants that have blending and smearing characteristics.

    In Painter 8, open the Brush Creator, Stroke Designer tab, Well section and look at the Resat and Bleed sliders.

    If the Resat slider is to the left and the Bleed slider somewhere to the right of the Resat slider setting, the brush variant will probably blend. Adjusting these two sliders will help you get the desired result. Experimentation will tell you what the adjustments should be.

    Some default brush variants, for example, that have blending and smearing characteristics are:

    Acrylics' Wet Soft Acrylic (10, 20, and 30)

    Blenders' - all variants - Can be made to paint with color by moving the Resat slider up from 0%. You'll probably need to lower Opacity (General section) down quite a bit.

    Oils' Smeary variants

    Sponges' Smeary Wet Sponge (160 and 60)

    There are others in the default Painter 8 brush library and, again, you can adjust existing brush variants to make them blend.

    Study settings in all of the Brush Creator's Stroke Designer tab sections when you find a brush variant that does, or comes close to doing, what you want, then try to remember as much as you can so you'll be able to set up other brush variants to work similarly.
    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

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    thank you, it worked to some extent, i need to play around with it more but i'm starting to get the effect i want.
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