Hi there,

Im looking for a Concept Artist/Illustrator to do some basic (b/w) sketches showing what 6 different races in a dark sci/fi strategy game could look like.

I need starships, colony buildings and uniforms/weapons/gear for each of them, maybe on one page on each of the three topics for each race (totalling 18 pages) or each race on one page (totalling 6 pages).
No highest-res postersize, but just enough to see how they look.

You should have skills and experience in drawing scifi, the style should be something like Mutant Chronicles Warzone or Battlefleet Gothic of Warhammer 40k.
Also, since this is concept work and I already have some visual ideas in mind, you should be aware that I need designs that fit into the game.

I am a student of computer science living near the Ruhrgebiet in Germany and working on the strat game in my free time, so far the project is in a stage where you can click some buttons and watch a colony grow, so there is plenty of opportunity for future work in case this first assignment works out well.

If youre interested, please send me an email to sceletor@sceletor.de including your rates and references, and have a nice day