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    Teaching myself to Paint!

    I am a huge fan of both Massive Black and ConceptArt. I have spent many years browsing this forum in awe of the amazing work that I consistanty see.
    One of the main things that I love about Conceptart is the fact that there is so much community involvement, even the pros get in on the critiques. I am a 3d Character modeler by trade (5 months out of school) and I love zbrushcentral but it was very discouraging when I posted there and got no responses at all (positive or negative). I am hoping to get some feedback on my early attempts at digital color..and.. maybe if I catch one of the big-wigs on my thread I can ask a few concept art related questions (technically I am a concept art minor).
    Alright, thats my speech and here are my early studies.
    -I have been using digital color for about 2-3 weeks now so I will post everything chronologically.

    1. First painting
    Attachment 828135

    2. Working out different methods of laying down paint.
    Attachment 828136

    3. Testing out different approaches to coloring and paint application. This was colored in B/W and then I used the hue/saturation slider.
    Attachment 828139

    4. This one I painted in grayscale again but used the color adjustment slider to add colors. I am also exploring composition.
    Attachment 828140

    5. I realized that I should be working from life to better my painting skills so I did this with photo reference (not a paintover!) No longer using sliders for color, color from the start.
    Attachment 828141

    6. Keeping the trend of life painting. I have a huge fascination with naturally I paint them. Before I strike out on my own doing fantasy paintings I want to have a good basis in life.
    Attachment 828142

    7. Doing a portrait out o my head with some of the things I've learned from life painting.
    Attachment 828143

    8. I felt that this was the most challenging so far due to the amount of sublety in the female face.
    Attachment 828144

    Please let me know anything that I could work on to become a better Character Concept Artist. Any tips on composition, colors, dynamic feeling, grounding and weighting a character...pretty much everything would be really helpful.
    Thanks again!

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    I like the first 3 freaky creations, a bit too blurry for my taste though. Not even speedpaints can be blurry. I don't really like that cowboy pic because of the colors. I love however your portraits of Kevin Spacey and Elisha Cuthbert, they both portray them at their best and prove you know well how to draw (technically) and you are patient / skilled enough to get the little details right.

    As for "Any tips on composition, colors, dynamic feeling, grounding and weighting a character" I can't really tell, make a full view character(your original I guess, since you are after becoming character concept artist) with background (artsy/ atmospheric) first.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your characters.

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    I'm not sure what to say about this. You seem to be 'teaching' yourself just fine. The proportions in number 7 seem a bit off-- the ears look a bit small and the mouth a little thin. But you may have been going for's more the eye searing colours that bother me. These are great, but like Nrekkvan said I'd like to see full body pictures in an environment. You already seem pretty proficient at portraits, so why not try something new?

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    I appreciate the comments. It is so nice to hear any feedback.
    I got a little chuckle from the term "eye-searing". That one is based on a tendency I've noticed of Jon Foster to paint in high-chroma colors and use the opposite color for his shading.
    Thanks again. I will start on some full chars asap.

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