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Thread: Crimson Daggers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collywobbles View Post
    Everybody in this thread is fucking awesome!

    I'm liking what I have seen so far but I wanted to just throw out a few things that I have learned, maybe someone can benefit. I have noticed a lot of basic construction issues here, myself included. It is imperative for beginners or whoever to supplement anatomy with other fundamentals and hardcore analysis. Perspective especially is so important for building the other skills to improve, you can learn the rules quickly and apply them forever. Analyze.

    The secret to drawing convincingly is that everything is a 3D object and not a collection of lines. You have to force yourself to understand this and draw accordingly. Try to think of your subject as an actual object made up of forms and planes and build them up to describe them in a 2D space. Honestly there is nothing more important to discover about art, build things and sculpt around them when you paint.

    A few years ago I had a lot of trouble drawing heads and stuff in perspective because I didn't understand it and I was always trying to fake it. I still do, shit. From the first lesson the head is just a cylinder or cube with other cubes and cylinders attached. The mannikin is there to develop a form on which to build. In fact, the most important Loomis pages are the seemingly boring ones.

    Don't just do an hour and move on, do all of them and think about why you are doing it. Analyze your shit and tear it apart until you make yourself cry on your tablet. Then wipe off your eyes pussy cause it's time to do it again.

    If you think about the object as a bunch of planes and forms you have done most of the work already. If you know perspective and have an idea of where the muscles are then you can draw a body in any pose. If you understand that they are made up of 3D forms and planes then you have the lighting information already. Choose a source and apply to the planes. It's fucking simple but somehow we convince ourselves it's so difficult and then give up.

    None of your shit will ever look correct until you get these ideas down, colour is pointless if you can't draw. Rendering looks terrible if the forms are off.

    Get up earlier than Dave and do more studies. I started doing arm plates at 5 today. Here are a few. I didn't worry about the results, they are quick and informative for me. Don't fucking worry about how your studies look and don't waste time working on pointless shit. You are trying to develop a formula for yourself to understand. There is no magic tutorial for any aspect of art. This thread is not enough. Your sketchbook is not enough. It is all up to you to figure it out for yourself. Fuck the crippling fear. Fuck what other people think. Art wants you to fail. Do you?

    Wow that was long, just look at the pictures.

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    Qouted for pure Hot Truth! ! I try to stress studying afterwards for yourself and if you do and work smart... Then you'll be a total beautiful art prince(ss). Beautiful words man!
    'If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems.And that's a big mistake.' - Step by Steps, Videos, PSD Downloads, and tons of other crap
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    Time to take a wrecking ball (No time to cry on my tablet. my good sirs and madams there is more everything to be done! ) and then blow up down the road.

    keep on daggerin' everyone!

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    All those small ones on the legs and underarms are tricky. The third are from memory, after I went and corrected some with help from Loomis.

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    Sup Daggers!

    Nice to see you all working hard! Also big thanks to Dave for doing this!

    I found some good text on deviantart (How To Draw) while ago from Paul Duffield also known as "spoonbard".
    Here it is:

    If you'll have time, read it. Otherwise take time and read it.

    Keep doing this. Never give up.

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    AIE! really struggling with this... I'm gonna follow Colly's advice about trying to see stuff in 3D and study anatomy more specifically before I tackle trying to find these on a fighter from memory...

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    ah. endless amounts to figure out... its exciting.

    Crimson Daggers

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    Hmm... I totally fail at deducing the anatomy from the loomis drawings. Does any body has a recommendation for good anatomy pics, where you can see the muscles?

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    did some more i thought about making it a bit more complicated and make them in more dynamic poses and more than one hope to post more stuff by the end of the night just taking a food break real quick then back to work.
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    ok here are mine
    i dont really get how the muscles on the legs work... if any of you has some other pictures showing the muscles i would be grateful!

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    wow, keep up the great work

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    This one was a bit difficult, looks like i should go back and study the figure more. It's great to try it by memory though- that's really the test of retention!

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    Damn Colly, thanks for that motivation speech.

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    played a lil with values

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    Argh, I don't know the muscles! So this was really hard. But I know what I need to practice! Did some hard copying of loomis muscles too. Will go back and do more paintovers soon.

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    So people have been asking about other muscle images and stuff so I thought I'd show what I would do after the morning study. Let's take one arm and draw it in different positions.

    We don't need Loomis or tracing for this exercise, just the power of our brains. You are still retaining everything you studied this morning whether you realize it or not. So not really worrying about specifics but just the forms and how they interact with each other.

    Notice in the image how the bicep fits into the deltoid, or the forearm is drawn as a cylinder on top of the upper arm. I do this on purpose like its a sculpture or legos. You don't want to try to connect the dots with lines afterward, instead put the pieces together in the blocking phase. Then it is easy to add other muscles or details over your accurate forms. If you can't do this then go back and build simple objects and gradually increase the specific details. You are never too good to go backward. Never guess when you can find out and don't waste time finding out. Do it right now.

    Once you draw one arm this way then try rotating it slightly in another direction. You will remember little details from the previous drawing to apply to the new one. Analyze. Figure it out. That is how you learn and remember.

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