Sketchbook: Slow and steady? Hell yeah.

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    Slow and steady? Hell yeah.

    So.. I'm still rather new to this site so if I'm breaking some unspoken law by being so noob and chucking up a sketchbook, feel free to shoot me. As in shoot me a message telling me to bugger off or something. Please don't use a gun or other projectile-ejecting tool or weapon to do so.

    Otherwise, woo! This'll be a tentative step towards hopefully some improvement. I've seen some of the feedback others have gotten, + the artwork others have done (damn there are really pro people here x-x) and have been fairly inspired to try my hand at a sketchbook.

    I've got a tablet I want to learn to use, especially to colour.. because I'm a noob with colour. At the moment I'm very much rooted in a kind of manga style.. so a lot of my drawings are pretty 2D. I'm hoping to improve in adding depth and stuff. Still finding my "style" I guess. So those're my current goals.. and to just generally improve.

    I really don't know much about art at all so.. go easy on me with the vocab please. xD
    The only drawings I've done with a reference were fanarts.. so I prolly won't upload them. So yeah, pretty much everything here is just done from memory and whatnot.

    Anyways, some doodles to make this thing worthwhile.. (in no particular order) actually this is most of what I can find that I've drawn recentlyish.

    drawing of my friend from memory. No reference.. and before I knew what his bass guitar looked like. As in, nothing like this. from about mid this year.

    procrastination drawing in school on some spare paper. i didn't get around to fixing the left hand.. earlier this year.

    little concept sketch, posing God/Jesus as Death.. long story i guess. midyear.

    small attempt at more body perspective. the head killed it, hahah. a couple months or less ago.

    zombie/cyborg combo idea from a couple weeks ago, done with a bad HB pencil i didn't like.

    character concept.. heavily (but shamelessly) based on Ragna from Blazblue. and apparently Alucard.. but no. ;p

    done last week or the week before in english. more serious attempt at head/face shape. didn't care about the hair. done from the side 'cuz i'm not used to drawing side-on portraity things.

    More to come as I get around to doing it, year 10 exams coming up next week.. argh! Thanks in advance for any feedback and tips and stuff. ^_^

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    Hey there and welcome to CA! You seem to have a lot of cool ideas, but I noticed your figures tend to kind of become awkward and have some proportion issues. Try to find some reference or take some yourself and study from that. That way you can begin to see how the figure actually moves through space. I hope that helps

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