I've been posting and looking around here for information on SJSU's animation program--I heard it was the best one in the CA state system, but I was originally looking towards CSUF. I know that SJSU had a graduate who went right to work at Pixar, and other alumni seem to get jobs in video game design. CSUF claims to have alumni that have worked for Nick, and it also claims to have affiliations with Walt Disney Animation.

Since I would like to work for Walt Disney Animation, should I go to CSUF? (Im not against Pixar or other animation studios) But I also want to try and get the best education possible. Im also all for moving to LA since I like the area, but SJSU is not as far from my home (a 2.5 hr drive still, vs 6 hrs to LA). Are there any SJSU or CSUF Animation students who can speak for their program? Or any one else that has visited these schools/programs? Any help is greatly appreciated!