Ok, so I'm new here, I've seen all your amazing work, and been tempted to try some of the weekly comps, but never really got round to it. I'm now in my first year of Illustration in Falmouth, England. Its going pretty well, and I feel like I'm getting into the swing of things. Ok, cut the boring crap. I'm here because I want to improve myself, no matter how depressed I might get by all the critical comments. Its good if I want to learn, and its not personal! Or at least I'll think of it that way.

So here I'm going to set down some scenes from my sketchbook, and anything created in class that I think I've done pretty well at, and indeed things that didn't work, and that I can't figure out what went wrong with.

I hope, mainly, that you enjoy some of the images...thats what art is about eh?
And then get down to working me harder. I doubt you'll ever see me redo an image after a crit, but I'll learn from it, and maybe focus on the problem area next time. So without further ado... my sketchbook.