IDW #116: CHOW/IDW CROSSOVER :: 2706 AD Jousting

Topic: 2706 AD Jousting

Background: The year is 2706 AD and the most popular sport in the solar system (and near by extra-solar outposts) is a bizarre revived form of jousting. The rules? Participants ride STEEDs, an invention of Hastilidium Inc, to mimic (and improve) horseback riding in zero and near-zero gravity. They later created the 'earthSTEED' that could be adjusted to any planetary body's gravity, but the zero-gravity version of the game is still the most popular one. On the back of their STEEDs they ride ride across a long narrow strip called the 'plane' which can be any surface, or indeed no surface at all, as long as the borders and middle line are clearly marked. They ride towards eachother with lances (newly redesigned for maximum efficiency and awesome-looking-ness) and attempt to knock one another off their STEEDs. Injuries are uncommon, but do happen.

Participating in the games is very expensive but the pay off is often much greater than the investment. Jousters are the most famous faces in the solar system, more recognizable than politicians or any other form of entertainment, and often make a side-income by doing advertisements or lobbying for particular candidates for government. Jousters have even been known to join government themselves, and are often very successful, whether or not they are actually any good at their job.

Usually Jousters are either individuals with large fortunes, or that come from rich families, or charastmatic and talented young people that are 'sponsored' by a corporation. Every entrant wears a 'shield', complete with heraldry, and it is here that the sponsoring companies incorporate their logos in order to advertise. (Only one company per jouster.)


- Design a Jouster, including armour and heraldry
- You may, but are not require, to design the Lance and the STEED

Check out the ChOW round here:


- Design the STEED and the Lance for a particular participant
- you may also include the Jouster

Note: as you can see by the requirements, as long as you include the jouster, heraldry, STEED and Lance, you may submit one image to both contests.

Some links to help you :

Deadline: Monday, November 16

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