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    i hope you'll post the finished one somewhere.


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    So.... I have just quit an art course at university because it was awful (horribly and truly awful) and after the experience kind of got to the point where i almost fell out of love with drawing (one of the main reasons i quit).

    So i am going to try and enter, or at least take part in these challenges from here on in. I am aware that at the moment my skills are limited and i am working on improving them, and this is part of that.

    I didnt post anything while the challenge was active as i was totally blown away by everyones stuff. Also i was having quite good fun drawing space knights, and missed the deadline. A lot of whom weren't human and after everyones favourite 'angryblacksmith's' recent tirade quite glad i didn't post them. Tee hee.

    Anyway this is kind of what i landed on....

    Chow 179 :: CHOW/IDW CROSSOVER :: 2706 AD Jousting

    its not finished at all and really is just a pencil sketch. And it is basically dirk the daring crossed between buzz lightyear. But its up and im involved,and its a start.

    I had visons of knights riding fish. so this was going to be his steed....

    Chow 179 :: CHOW/IDW CROSSOVER :: 2706 AD Jousting

    For years i have carried around the idea that it would be really cool to have spaceships like fish . They are practically designed for space. I thought it was a genius idea and my creativity was really sparking.

    Then my mates showed me 'STARFLEET' (japanese puppet show) in which the main villians spaceship is an armoured catfish floating through space. Strange what your subconcsious will let you think is your own, gutting when you find out it's not.

    Ramble ramble ramble. Basically hope you like and see you on the next one

    Is bringing sexy back, well I've kept the receipt and i've hardly used it.
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    pipmonkey; the ChOW competitions should definitely help you improve, a real challenge! Pity about the art course, but at least now you have the time to devote to your skills. Starfleet, what a show. I recently created a set of spaceships using creatures from the deep sea as starting point, (I think jellyfish was my favourite). I agree - the way sea creatures move through water is like floating in space at times.

    Are you going to work these ideas further or dive into the next competition instead?


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