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    Ok It's not a probvlem by it's nature, but rather a question for the community.
    I've got this airbrush with my Intuos3 A5 wide SE


    I've checked the prices and it costs alot, but i never use it anyway.
    I mean in painter you can use it as airbrush just without the need
    of manually switching brushes in the program itself, but i don't even use painter. Photoshop has been my tool since forever. Now here's my question what's the purpose of having this brush while working with ps?
    Maybe it's just wise to sell it and have some extra cash for other things...? Bah selling my tablet and this pen separetely i could afford the Intuos 4 M with some money still left in my pocket.

    I should ask this question over a year ago, but better late than never.
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    Well, I don't know but my assumption is that the airbrush pen would come in handy if you were doing a lot of traditional airbrushing and looking to take that over to digital media.

    You'd have a tool that would at least loosely replicate the feel of an airbrush in your hands.

    i'd say if you aren't using it there's really no reason not to sell it.

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    If my memory didn't share quite so many characteristics with a chunk of Swiss cheese, I'd be able to direct you to a great blog post about using the airbrush properly - but I'm afraid we'll have to make due with my limited recollection and even more limited experience.

    I don't use mine as an airbrush facsimile. It is so unlike a real airbrush that the disconnect is too much for me to overcome in working naturally. What I've found that the airbrush stylus is best at is to assign the wheel to a different function entirely, like for example shade, size, color, opacity, etc., and use it generally to avoid having to get muddled in menus and on-screen sliders. That is, don't think of it as an airbrush, but just as stylus with an adjustable function built-in, more for workflow utility than expressiveness.

    What I really wish it could do is "scroll through" different brushes or different functions (dodge, burn, etc.) That would be very useful - but I haven't found a way of employing it to that effect.

    I think it would be particularly useful for someone with a tablet, since your access to keyboard shortcuts might be a little trickier.

    On the whole, I wish I'd gotten the 6D Art Pen instead - but for what it's worth, I do use the airbrush instead of the stock stylus for anything beyond scribbling.

    Best of luck to you.
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    I saw this, so dunno if this was the blog in question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arshes Nei View Post
    I saw this, so dunno if this was the blog in question
    Wow, thanks A N, after reading this article and being an airbrush veteran myself (I've always been a Paasche VL, AB Turbo/Iwata HP-Whatever man, Devilbiss was always a basic standard, the fact that is was a UK manufacture made no difference in the early 90's, Sears Co. licensed their tech for the same cheap $17 spray guns they sell today), I have to agree mostly with a point this guy made that I tried to push earlier this year while I was in Tokyo:
    Quote Originally Posted by D'Blog of 'Israeli
    Finally, think about dropping the airbrush paradigm (or launching an additional product) - Wacom users who know they don't need an airbrush might very well see the use of a "Wacom stylus with extra control wheel." For most of my work, it would be easier to have something shaped more like a standard stylus, perhaps with a wheel that fell under the thumb.
    Ok, so his point of view is more geared toward, why rip us off with a played out airbrush shape, etc.,(the thumb wheel idea is *brilliant*) ....but wait all you have to do is read this thread about the Intuos4 Art pen:
    all the way through and even you'll see that they essentially cut material costs on the default pen to make up for manufacturing the specialized chiseled nibs to plug into what is essentially THE SAME DAM DEFAULT PEN. All they had to do now was add that cheap potentiometer for the airbrush finger wheel and maybe even rip off my idea of an interchangeable grip, and *WHAM*, instant and undeniable innovation. If more legitimate views are bought up such as the articles and posts I've detailed beforehand, and more consumers start to take notice of said views, then all of this work is done for "US". I pray for the I4 art pen buyers, a rotation capable stylus with a resistance-secured single shaft chisel nib that loses tension over time measured by the users force.....almost like a carbon lsteel drill bit not tightened're eventually gonna do a 30min job that's gonna take all frickin' day before you realize what the real problem is.......I know I'd be pissed, they should have stuck to the double shafted model. (Are the nibs notched lengthwise to prevent them from rotating just in case the internals wear down in the future?)
    Ok, I wanted to add that the airbrush *is* a useful tool of sorts, but it seems that only Painter maximizes it's position on the desktop. I have my gripes about Painter's performance at times(when using the airbrush, brush lag for the larger sizes still boggles my mind if you have a fast machine), hopefully the new patch for Painter 11 can address these concerns. When the patch comes out, could someone please review the airbrushes performance on different file sizes, with and without multiple layers, Mac and PC?
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    I do Airbrush in my non digital art, and I really don't see the need to use a custom airbrush pen. I use Painter, and within the program (I don't know about PS as much), there are tons of great airbrush options that perfectly replicate the airbrush process without needing something additional externally. The Airbrush pen seems like it's maybe a gimmick to me. When I am using the airbrush options in Painter, I don't notice a difference from using a traditional airbrush: at least not enough to run out and buy one of these. Just my opinion. Oh, and I've noticed the lag as well when using large airbrush spray patterns: I work around it, but it is odd. Just to re-iterate, I have used traditional airbrush for years: I never have seen a need for a special digital pen in painter or PS.

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