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    Tales of the world

    Welcome! First off I'd like to inform everyone that I myself am very new to drawing. I can hardly draw basic forms let alone things from my imagination. So even though I cannot really participate in these challenges I am about to present, maybe some of you might find it interesting and would care to join for the sake of practice or just fun.

    so here it goes....

    I intend to choose a world region every month and post three excerpts from different legends, myths or tales every week so as to leave the choice on the artists to draw something based on one or all of the excerpts if they choose to do so.
    I believe it can be interesting to learn about different tales from all around the world and if this thread does catch someone's attention, it would be even greater to see the different interpretations.

    I'd like to start off with the tales of lesser known regions and as I am Slovak, I'd start with the Slavic tales.


    WEEK 1

    #1 Cosmological concept of the World in Slavic mythology

    Three levels of the universe were located on the tree. Its crown represented the sky, the realm of heavenly deities and celestial bodies, whilst the trunk was the realm of mortals. The roots of the tree represented the underworld, the realm of the dead. Contrary to the popular ideas, it seems the world of the dead in Slavic mythology was actually quite a lovely place, a green and wet world of grassy plains and eternal spring.


    He [King] peeped through a in the boarding and saw the charcoal-burner asleep, his wife lying in a dead faint, and three old hags, all in white, standing by the new-born baby, each with a lighted taper in her hand. The first said: 'My gift to this boy is, that he shall come into great dangers.' The second said: 'My gift to him is, that he shall escape from them all and live long.' And the third said: 'And I give him to wife the baby daughter who has this day been born to that king who is lying upstairs on the hay.' Thereupon the hags put out their tapers, and all was still again. They were the Fates.

    #3 excerpt from: GOLDENHAIR

    When they arrived at the palace, the king ordered George to pour him out a glass of wine. 'But your head for it,' said he, 'if you don't pour it full, or if you pour it so that it runs over.' George took the decanter and poured. Just then in flew two birds through the window; one was chasing the other, and the one that was trying to get away carried three golden hairs in its beak. 'Give them to me said the first; 'they are mine.' 'I shan't; they're mine; I took them up.' 'But I saw them fall, when the golden-haired maiden was combing her hair. At any rate, give me two.' 'Not one!' Hereupon the other bird made a rush, and seized the golden hairs. As they struggled for them on the wing, one remained in each bird's beak, and the third golden hair fell on the ground, where it rang again. At this moment George looked round at it, and then poured the wine over.

    Please let me know what do you think of this challenge idea. Like everyone likes to post here "comments and critics are welcome"
    I'm not even sure if I am allowed to start a thread like this as a complete newbie...
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