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    derpy life drawings :3
    Name:  022814.jpg
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Size:  576.4 KB
    Name:  022814b.jpg
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    Name:  031214.jpg
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    Name:  031214b.jpg
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    some gestures in ink from photos
    Name:  031614.jpg
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Size:  442.6 KB
    Name:  031614b.jpg
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    Name:  031614c.jpg
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    Name:  031614d.jpg
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    a few graphite sketches
    Name:  022214.jpg
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    Name:  030714.jpg
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Size:  501.5 KB
    Name:  030914.jpg
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    screen cap study
    Name:  031414.jpg
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    some still life(s)
    Name:  020314.jpg
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    Name:  021714.jpg
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    Name:  031514.jpg
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    the following are things pertaining to a personal project :U a 'bande dessinee' if you will the main character, inspired by an acquaintance in passing at my day job lol
    Name:  020914b.jpg
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Size:  373.1 KB
    Name:  021614k.jpg
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    Name:  022314b.jpg
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    Name:  021614j.jpg
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    Name:  022314.jpg
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    mock page
    Name:  021314g.jpg
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    my writing is weak so... i will have to work on that as this project develops lol
    Name:  AF1-2.jpg
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Size:  1.49 MB

    Name:  AF3-4.jpg
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    Name:  AF5-6.jpg
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    available for commission/work

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    I like your pencil works of course but these digitals... I love everything, well, especially the screen cap study and the skulls. That's a totally different level compared to what I'm able to do with a skull in my top form, now I got a new burst of motivation to get better.
    But just to watch it is wonderful too. I love real skulls (and heads) enough but they painted in an artistic way are even better... Art is magical.

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    lovely. i come here to ca and check up on you and get rewarded every time. don't know how i miss your updates on fb. you draw like crazy and that inspires me to heck.

    i like the panels you're doing. black frog inspired? i am still stuck on my 50 page (or is it 25 page) one and it's hard to progress through. got to get it done!

    keep up the great work! we gotta chat/sketch sometime on googlez! cheers!

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    Aw man your work is looking awesome!! I only checked the last two pages but I am inspired. Thanks for sharing man. Really like what you are doing with edge. I am in desperate need of refreshing that in my work too. Happy painting/drawing

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