Sketchbook: Cartoonish Stuff - Crits/suggestions/advice needed!
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    Cartoonish Stuff - Crits/suggestions/advice needed!

    I hope this is where this goes...and the attachments might not work right, I'm used to using the IMG tags. :l
    Anyway, this is my first post, and where I'll post my sketches daily so you guys can help me improve. My dream is to get paid for creating art and I really want to get to a professional level. I'm kind of anxious about posting here since, from what I've seen/heard this forum is much more quality-oriented than gallery-hosting sites like DeviantArt.
    I've been doodling on and off since I can remember, but I've only become serious about practicing daily and improving as of almost 3 years ago. I've only taken a couple of general art classes in high school, so I might not know much about art composition, but I'll take any advice you can give me.

    The first is a group of a few sketches I've done today. It's really all I've done since a couple of months ago (it took me that long to get used to going back to school and getting bombarded with homework each day).
    Name:  tmp194.jpg
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    I drew the hand sketch early this year (i used one of my uncle's drawings as a reference and tried to recreate it); sorry about the little smudging/softening effect added to it digitally, I don't have the original anymore, but if you could still point out the flaws you see and tell me how they can be improved, that would be very helpful.
    Name:  ____by_AyJayy92.jpg
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    Same for the next two colored pictures, which were done back in the summer. Most of my "finished work" looks like those two, but I could still use suggestions on how to improve the pictures, and/or advice regarding the current skill level I'm at or the things I'm doing wrong so far.
    Name:  Girl_by_AyJayy92.png
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