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Thread: the tower

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    the tower

    hay guys need help with this painting im having a lot of trouble with getting the effect just right near the left hand the pipes are suppose to look metalic but i keep getting this pastie white crap ..... same thing with the chest n abbs ..... also when i adjust some parts other parts look lame ..... need crits

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    Hey man, first of all I gotta you are bringing the concept out nicely, so thumbs up for that.
    Okay, looking at the painting the biggest crit is that the organic and the mecha arent merging that well.
    For the face I suggest you do some reference studies since the arc of jawline is not looking believable and also the shading on it seems spotty. I believe you are trying to give that aura-ish look to it.
    Take this shawn barber pic, it is well shaded but the tonal variation is kept minimal and towards the highlights.
    the tower
    the same thing with alex ross' joker here
    the tower

    but the foundation to do is that the actually studied the pose of face strongly for that.

    And for the merging anatomical /mecha body , do look at this piece by marko djurdjevic
    the tower

    FOr the hands I think you need to integrate the mecha design in the natural study of hand. Also for something to be mettalic it has has to have some lustre which comes from multuple reflections from the surreounding so if you start showing the reflections it it on its own have the mettalic look.
    I suggest you redraw the hand maybe be too, tight now one cannot understand what we are looking in that whole region.
    for the abs, I suggest you do some studying from this link
    I really am loving the pipes in the lower half,the play of the metal with light and shadow and reflections is sweet.
    Let me know if this crit helped and we can always talk more about it.
    Take care bro.

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