Hello, i live in San Jose, California and i was wondering if you know a good place to print your high res prints somewhere? I tried kinkos/fedex and it was terrible, it was expensive, pixel lated, some colors did not show and the paper quality was crap.

I'm planning to print around 25-35 11x17 Prints for my portfolio and i need a printing place that could print exactly what i see on my computer, Medium paper quality would be fine, nothing too fragile. If you know a place, please don't hesitate. I'm fairly new at this printing thing, so i'll need any information about printing prints that i can get.

Also the people of SJSU, (San jose state university) do you know if i could use the printer there? Would i need an id to use it? Could i pay to use the printer there? Is the Printer good quality? Fill me in briefly, thanks.

Thanks all for your help.