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    Identify Portraits from Bridgman's Heads, Features and Faces


    I was trying to identify portraits from this nice little book by Bridgman, but with some of them, I am not quite sure. Which are the titles of the portraits by

    - Frans Hals (it's a child about to break out in laughter)
    - Rembrandt Van Ryn (not quite sure)
    - Louise Elizabeth le Brun (it's probably this one , not quite sure though)

    Maybe you could help me to identify these. Also, if you were able to clearly identify another face in this book (apart from those where he gave the names of the painters), I'd be glad if you told me (I have the Dover republication, 64 pages), because I think it helps to have a full-featured painting nearby to see how Bridgman studied them.

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    well, the last one you've already got - it says right in the link that its a self portrait, and I can vouch for that - it was on a test I had in an art history class last semester.

    Franz Hals I know of his work but not intirely sure what one you're talking about.

    As for Rembrandt.. Heh, "not sure" isn't gonna cut it..
    --edit-- by the way, when asking for help identifying portraits, visuals would *really* help.
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    Since we haven't ALL seen the book you're referencing, posting images would be nice... or at least more thorough descriptions.

    If the Hals is the one I figure it is, the title is simply "Laughing Child" or "Laughing Boy" so that's 2 down (probably).

    But yeah, unless you get an answer from somebody who knows the book SO well... we're going to need more info than "a portrait of somebody, probably by Rembrandt".
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