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    more thumbs yay
    but which one to use for my dracula?

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    WIP1 for the Bride of Frankenstein.

    Chow 178:: Hallowe’en special: Universal monsters

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    I have yet to participate in CHOW, but I told myself I really need to challenge myself, and what better way than with chow?
    Everyone else's is looking so good... I really need to get working! But here is my first WIP of the Bride and Frankenstein monster.
    My concept for this is portraying them (especially the monster himself) with more modernized sci-fi technology (if that makes sense). He was made through science, and yet is revered as a monster. And even his bride is frightened by their own existence! So to me, this is more of a tragic science fiction story. Haha.
    But anyways, here is my initial brain puke of the idea... I really need to fix up a lot.

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    My initial concept: Bride of Frankenstein. She´s holding limbs in a basket...

    Chow 178:: Hallowe’en special: Universal monsters

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    not sure if i'll follow through,but here's a first concept idea.

    Sketchbooks of inspiration:
    Marc Taro|Maxetormer|ZhuZhu|Jeri|Dobu]

    Always think about:
    lighting! design! perspective! proportion!
    And (self)motivation is still everything.

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    Saleem I'm really liking the second thumbnail to the right in the third row. The last one on the first and third row might be interesting too.

    BarataLove how thins is coming along. I know it's not finished but that face is already freaky.

    shh im invisible
    I love the face you've got going on. Very pretty and very creepy at the same time. Not sure if you were going to leave the final like this but you might play with her pose a bit and how she's placed on the page.

    Jason Snair Love it! Cant wait to see the finish. The feet are great...

    aagThis is coming along really well. I also agree you should take another look at how that hand is positioned.

    Nutter Really cool. I'm liking the second sketch the best.

    This is really awesome! You might try adding in some other color somewhere to help create a focus, even if it's really subtle.

    AestheticMachine I think this is a great makeover of the creature from the black lagoon. You've really reinvented the character visually while retaining who the character is. Coming along great!

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    Every week I say that its late and that i'll leave crits the day after, and I always forget. So this is me trying to make up for it

    Im sorry if I forgot someone...

    Lord M Glad you decided to stick with it, I agree with Arthur, the stomach above all needs some love.
    Helltroll A bit early to tell, maybe do some more silouettes, try doin em small so you can get alot of them to choose from.
    Arthur 'Two Sheds' Glad to see you're back. I like the tilted perspective, works well with his character. The girls stomach is a bit of tho, but I think someone mentioned it already..
    Freedezigner Most definetely, she looks great. Shes like one of those teenage girls playing with a chewing gum, except its her eye and whatever string thats attached to
    Missile I really like the bride, frankie on the other hand needs some work. Theres no real weight to him, and he's not placed properly on the ground.
    AestheticMachine Great sketch.
    Terminalfears Watch your anatomy, her head and hands are pretty huge, and her arms look too small.
    Irrlaeufer Not really sure whats going on yet
    mongreldesigns I like the wolfman sketch the most. The guy in the middle needs to pee real bad huh ?
    Photogr@fever Lovely lines.
    Raoul Bit too early to tell.
    Danilo I think the whole point is to design a character isnt it?
    bluefooted With you, I know its gonna look awesome when its done, cant wait
    mimer I like the custome and the pose but im not super fond of the face.
    Lt_Action Its not obvious to me that he's Dracula, on the other hand its just a sketch, but I think it needs something more to get the idea across.
    El Capohan I like the backstory but as you said there are some pretty severe anatomical issues. Even though you're going for a cartoony look looking up some reference wouldnt be a bad idea.
    Master_v12 I like the pose, i'll drop a line once you've fleshed it out more.
    RMick To me it doesnt read as dracula right away, maybe add that signature dracula collar?
    Claudio Grassi That is awesome, makes my frankie cry
    AhChu I love the face, he looks terrifying yet a bit humorous.
    kovah It kinda looks like the throne is a rocket, might wanna change that, unless its intentional
    Nutter Great! I like the one on the left the most. I like how his muscles are flexed and it looks like hes about to rip his chains or whatever of.
    mongreldesigns He's bending in a pretty strange way. Maybe try to use a bigger brush for painting, and stay clear of the white highlights
    Jason Snair Really like it, cant wait to see it finished.
    aag Great composition, very scinematic.
    Shogo Is he commiting suicide? :o Anyway, i dig it.
    spacebunny I like it so far.
    lkjhgfdsa Just finished Brutal Legend the other day, can't help to fall in love with your piece. Great
    Vampire Ninja Too bad you're not going for a full figure :/
    diissar I like it, his right hip looks a bit too wide tho. And he's leaning just a biit to much to his right, maybe try moving his right leg a bit.
    AustenFM Just fab, no real crits. Love both sketches.
    Dham Cool, i get a nice ghostly vibe from it.
    darknight Love the sketch and the idea, however the paint job isnt doin it for me. Its a bit too saturated and it looks like you've used the dodge/burn tool too much maybe?
    Matt_B Great sketch, i think his receding left leg looks a bit weird, cant put my finger on it tho.
    xerxyz Watch for the placement of the eyes and her nose bridge looks a bit to thin to me. Other than that I love it.
    Reymus I have to say that I liked the sketch more, not sure what it is about the values that throws me off, but it has alot of potential.
    -shh im invisible- Like it so far. I'm drawn to her eyes, they've got a quality to them. She's too pretty to be marrying frankenstein's monster
    Auspiciouspanda Great start.
    Saleem Hard to pick one, most of them are very good. I like row 2, col 3 and row 3 col 2 the most i think.
    Formic Acid Nice start.
    majortom Hey, welcome to chow. I think you'd do well to get some anatomy reference.
    Barata Thats freaky !
    Carnifex The face looks great, nice work.

    Wow, that took a while. Sorry if some of the comments arent as helpful as one would have hoped, its hard..

    Anyway, here's my progress. The design is not complete, i usually add things as I go. I know the feet needs some love, and probably alot more, thats where you come in
    Chow 178:: Hallowe’en special: Universal monsters

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    Thanks for the comment auspiciouspanda

    Chow 178:: Hallowe’en special: Universal monsters

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    I'm sorry, I didn't read the whole thread, I will do so on Sunday and drop a few thoughts

    Aw man, this sure was a busy week. I couldn't be happier with a two week chow. I had to turn in some turn papers and research papers in this week so I was busy typing them out....

    I was able to make a few sketches. It has been so long for me....I haven't designed something in weeks, I just kept working on foundations and studying stuff...

    A well...I was thinking of a 21st century version of Frankenstein. What if Frankenstein lived now, how would he look like?

    Just a few sketches:

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    AustenFM- Awsome studies bro cant wait to see what you come up with a good gill man i saw while looking online was from an old movie called monster squad should look into it

    Aag- Love the idea and look only and this could be what your going for just still looks a bit to much like a guy in a rubber suit to me

    Dham- Love the phantom dude, can wait to see finished, oh and you plan on showing a mask?

    - love the lighting man cant wait to see in color

    Darknight- dude sweet steampunk quasi, cant wait to see done, think a steampunk frank would be even cooler though my opinion but keep doing what your doing

    Matt B- Cool concept just his face seems to plain to me maybee try him groaning or angry or something love the body just face needs something

    Xerxyz- hate it when that happens but some of it can be good refs, keep looking and to maybe her shirt could be drenched in blood?

    - Dude love the mummy glad to see he didnt get left behind

    -Shh im invisible-
    like the design but i just think she needs a bit more dynamic pose maybee give her a bouquet of dead black roses

    - love the goatee man looks like it will be an awesome one

    El Capohan- hey man love the new take on wolf man one thing that bugs me though is his eyes seem a bit to high up on his head

    Salema- Love the sills fav ones i think are 2nd row 3rd from right 3rd row 2nd from left and 4th row 3rd from right.

    Formic Acid- love the bride man cant wait to see done

    Majortom- love the concept but the poses just seem to still you should make frankie bigger meaner and grabbing her hand almost like "bitch your marring me!" and maybe have her pulling away just a bit?

    Barata- love the grousome bride just one little tiny thing her face looks a little to much like a dudes to me

    - love your take on the gill man dude hope you can finish

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    Undeadartist you´re completly right, thanks...

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    Gerezon:Thanks for your advice ,I ll try to fix that
    Barata:Great process so far,i agree with what Undeadartist said,good luck with the rest.
    Good luck everyone!!

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    Barata: Creepy face! Looking good so far.

    Gerezon: I like the face - it almost looks kind of ape-like which suits the kind of "simple" nature of Frankenstein's monster. (Sorry if that's not what you're going for.) Only critique I can offer is that the jacket looks a little plain at the moment, some more detail to/around the pockets could enhance the design a bit.

    Auspiciouspanda: Promising sketch, the pose is nicely predatory...

    Chow 178:: Hallowe’en special: Universal monsters

    Updated WIP, testing the composition a little. Badly Photoshopped together at the moment but I'm aiming for an old film poster style.

    Dropped Frankenstein's monster from the design and just focusing on his hissing zombie wife instead. Basing her dress on Edwardian-era style wedding gowns with a veil bolted in place on her head. The bandaging and stitches are inspired by a mix of cosmetic surgery and autopsies.

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    So many great starts I just had to throw my hat in the ring. I went a little nuts with Frankenstein. What if little Frankie was a kid genius that just needed a friend? Totally pulling from all the little doodles I'd put in school notebooks.

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    The Mummy

    Look out Brendan Fraser!

    Chow 178:: Hallowe’en special: Universal monsters

    ... and possibly Liono!
    It's the mummy. Everyone's entries are looking stellar, not too many mummies though. So here's a sketchily-doodily-mummilly type fella. Since this is two weeks maybe, just maybe I will get enough initiative to finish.

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