Hey all! I'm just introducing myself.

I've been an artist, well, all my life, and have recently made the digital jump. I'm not just talking a little photoshop retouching... But rasters, vectors... And I had a breakthough tonight... When I found I had artist's block, I put down the sketchpad, picked up the tablet and pen and voila... Block removed.

I posted here once or twice as "Bobby-X"... But dabzo has a nice ring to it... I think that Bobby-X was the name of my first pokemon character... It may be time to let that one go.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to becoming a regular, and learning / teaching as much as I can.

Feel free to see what I've been up to: At My Website

I've been going to school for web design, it's a pretty cool avenue. But I don't think that I could ever just script for a living. I'd rather see myself as an illustrator, then maybe down the lines doing concept art for games or something.

All the best,

(ps: apologies for , if I did, not posting in the right thread... I couldn't find an intro one.)