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    New here. Needing some tips so I can have a future.

    Hi..I'm new here. I'm a kid, graduating this year,. I like to draw a lot and I want to be a concept artist...but I need work. Does anyone have any tips of how I can get better and how I may be able to achieve my dream. I doubt I'm anywhere close to being a good artist. I would upload some of my art, uncolored though, but I don't have a scanner currently. Can anyone give me some pointers or tips.
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    honestly, unless you post something for people to see adn help with, the only thing you're likely to get is very generic advice.
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    agreed, start a sketchbook. I prefer giving crits there as opposed to the crit section because it lasts longer. You scroll through it everytime you go back to that page - it doesn't get lost. People can add to, or counter it. Critting a single work isn't nearly as important as gauging progress and commitment over time, and suggesting new approaches - especially for students/beginners/intermediates. Critting a single work becomes really important at a professional level, and best handled by better artists than I.

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    1) guessing you already have a sketchbook, take art classes, or have ways to be self taught, and all that great stuff. So draw as much as you can, and learn from those classes/self teaching books/websites about anatomy, using colors, etc

    2) invest in a tablet, preferably manufactured by wacom, it will broaden/increase your work flow

    3) look at a lot of other artists, see the steps they're taking/took to get bigger, and learn from them, imitate them if you like their style, eventually (through a lot of practice and TIME... as in YEARS) you will discover your own style

    4) share your work and get immersed in an art community that will make you breath/eat and shit art

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    Set yourself a goal- at least one picture a day. Even if you only have ten minutes, draw something. If you're at the computer, you should be drawing. If you're on a train/tram/bus, you should be drawing. Just keep practicing as much as you can.
    Pick out something you're bad at (for me at the moment, it's shoulders and arms). Study it. From photos, illustrations, real life. The world is a mighty fine place, appreciate it. Try to finish as many drawings as possible (to your own satisfaction). If you don't like what you've drawn, pinpoint a few reasons why you don't like it. Keep them in mind for the next time, and try to improve.

    Also, nothing is too hard. Nothing.

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