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    Spawn painting - Please critique!

    Spawn painting - Please critique!

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    Here is a work in progress of a medieval spawn painting. I feel a little stuck at this stage. Some areas need work and clarity. I don't like how blurry this image is at this point. Any feedback/critique would be greatly appreciated. I am mainly looking for suggestions on the readability, paint quality, color, saturation, brush work and tonal but feel free to input on any aspect that you think could help.


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    It's a pretty large resolution to critique - could you attach a smaller image?

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    I like you color choices and the overall environment you've created. Also it's very dynamic in the positioning.

    Few things to think about:
    1. You should sharpen up some of the details, the entire pict has a general fuzziness to it.
    2. Spawns upper body and head are two big, we're looking up at him, so he should be receding into space a bit will also help make the position look more dramatic.
    3.The horse's chest and legs should be worked on some more, it all gets a bit lost down there, the chest also seems to shallow, but they may have to do with the shadows.

    You might also think about adding some more space to the bottom of the pictures. so that spawn is higher up in the's just another way to increase the drama and open it up a bit.

    Overall though it's looking good though, just needs tweaking.

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    I think your image is way too large so ive uploaded a reduced size one. I suggest changing the size to this in the future when posting. My eye goes right to spawn so good job on that. I dont like the bottom portion because it doesnt make any sense. Its not readable. I dont like the horses eyes. They are too human and alive for me. I suggest making the horses more heroic and spawn like. I think the cape and cloth look good. That light coming through the cloth is great. I think the hand on the sword should be looked at more. Try to bring the feeling through things like that. To me this image of spawn is about him looking strong and heroic. He should have a firm grip on the handle to show his strength and intent. Im not sure what is going on in the top right, the light seems to be covered by something. Maybe a shield. That doesnt read well and the materials dont work either. Hes spawn so he spawns armour. I suggest taking it all a little more midevil.the kneepad looks like something from WOW. Do some research on shields, helmets, armour, and even horse armour, and push the scene more.

    Just some ideas Lots of potential!

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    Looks dope. Nice work on the angles, its dynamic. As mentioned Id really try and tighten up your main focus's.
    One part that really stands out to me Is the Purple on Spawns Knee. Its pretty strong to me, but I honestly don't thing the knee needs the purple on it because of the horse's body blocking that light source. You could probably tone down the purple on the far left figure too. I cant imagine him picking up to much purple either.
    Just my thoughts.
    Looking for ward to seeing the Finish

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    More hard edges. Especially on areas that are bright or high contrast or the focal point of the image. but don't make the entire image crisp/shark in focus, that would probably put most viewers on overload considering how much you have going on in this image.
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    I am certainly not an expert. Your skills are much better than mine.

    Having said that:
    The sword handle doesn't look lined up correctly with the blade. They look to be different angles. Perhaps the blade is meant to be shaped in a unique way? I can't see the rest of it to know.

    The horse looks "happy" in a friendly way. For the situation he is in, you might consider a harder, more battle-hardened look.

    The figures in the bottom right do not seem to be reacting specifically to Spawn, but are rather just there doing their ghoul thing. Of course, that could be due to the situation and location. Maybe they were suprised, or maybe they are reacting to something else...

    The shield is a bit unclear to me that it was a shield. I had to look at it 3 times to really notice it fully. That might be because a lot of it is offscreen, and I can't see it acting as a shield (blocking anything).

    The lighting is good. The pose is good, and very action oriented. The sword arm is a great action pose. It is a bit blurry, but it is a work in progress.

    Very great work, man! Keep going! This is definitely a sign of talent.

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