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    Weird Art Related Dream

    Two days ago i had this dream where i showed up in some sort of dusty and old New York studio and i came across Wes Burt.. who looked like a mix between Chris Martin and Hugh Laurie .. anyway so i showed up with my portfolio and i was given a button which was lying small wooden table.. i was supposed to wait in a line with other people who had buttons.. but nobody else was there.. so i had to stand around while Wes was talking to some unknown person.. after about 20 minutes i walked up to Wes dropped my button in a small plastic cup and then he started commenting all these random things about science and his own personal life.. next thing i know Wes gets up and just stares at the ground for no reason.. and leaves me standing there holding onto my pictures and confused.. then i get hit in the back of the head by that unknown guy.. and it ends..

    this must be a sign of some sort.. does Wes have connections to the mob?

    anyway has anyone else had art related dreams? what were they about?

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    did you meet him?

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    I once dreamed I was eating paint to increase my art skills and the more I eat it the better I was, until I became too big and exploded
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    I had a dream where I was making out with Marko once...

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    Generally I have dreams about making kick ass art but once I wake up, I can't reproduce it. I literally start and finish a piece in the dream so my brain obviously understands how to do it, but my conscious self keeps getting in the way. Either that or it's just my subconscious telling me that I can do it if I would just work harder at it.

    I did have a couple MassiveBlack related dreams before too. In one, I was at a workshop. It was at this beautiful place that seemed like a very large mansion. I could do this thing that I referred to as "lofting." I would jump off the top of some stairs and sort of glide around a little before touching the ground. I did it several times. I don't remember doing anything art related, just being outside of this place doing that.

    I also had a dream where I could teleport. I went to Manley's house. It was a small brick place in a little neighborhood. His girlfriend was there. I was showing him my sketchbook. Then he taught me this trick about perspective. He said you could calculate perspective for anything in a drawing by using one subject in the composition. He drew a random, generic block and started doing this formula to draw a block in the background while keeping the perspective of the first block without doing vanishing points/lines. I wrote everything down as soon as I woke up about the formula. I can't find it right now or I would post it. It doesn't make sense now though. In the dream, it seemed really great.

    Which that's not the first time I dreamed about math or something complex that I understood in my dream, but didn't once I woke up. But that dream isn't art related.
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    My last art related dream that I remember was like this... I was with friends from architecture faculty on some sort of trip in my city. Something connected with the classes but I'm not exactly sure. I had problems with finding my bag in the bus. When I finally managed to take everything with me and join the group, in the middle of our way to some destination my bag fell down. It turned out to be totally filled with art supplies which scattered everywhere on the sidewalk. I started collecting everything and putting it back but people I was with didn't wait and disappeared on the horizon. I knew I wouldn't be able to catch up with them. Also the sky got dark and cloudy. Suddenly I raised my head and saw Danny DeVito (I have no idea why exactly him). He didn't say anything. Just helped me with collecting stuff and putting into the bag. Then thanked him and said that I'll deal with the rest of the problem myself. The end .
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    pretty sure that means Danny DeVito is your guardian angel, Farvus

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    You too? I dreamt that Wes and Bill Gates was the one and same person. He was a mobster, something to do with trucks. I've forgotten most of it, dreamt it a few days ago.

    Sometimes I dream of painting on the computer and they are always better than in reality.

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    that's not really art related, you were just dreaming about wes >_>

    my dreams make no sense whatsoever, sometimes they involve friends or just people I have seen in pictures, and then their face transforms into someone else and I dont even question it until I wake up and realize that

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    My art related dream:

    Painting a melancholic, young girl in a tattered red dress, holding a wilted baby blue umbrella - elbow on knee, chin in palm while this magnificent house was burning down around us in violent flames that never seemed to reach us. When all was burned down around us, our surroundings revealed ever stretching fields of dead grass and a hazy blue-grey sky.

    Then I look down at the painting, the painted flames become real and burn the canvas completely - I look back up and only the chair she sat on remains on the burnt foundation of this strange scene.

    Haha seems like there's meaning to that dream, but I can't find it.

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    I wish I did.

    But last week I dreamt of tearing and slowly peeling back the skin off my right foot to reveal...the same foot.

    If I was clever enough, I could MAKE it sound artsy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PieterV View Post
    I had a dream where I was making out with Marko once...
    Shit, I thought I was the only one.

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    I once had a dream that I had murdered myself in a fight to the death and then later started cannibalizing my own corpse, quite trippy one might say.
    Twas murder, tasty, tasty murder.
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    Last night I dreamed I'd check into this thread and find another reason to worry about all of you assholes...
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    .. and I thought I was weird....

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    That's some interesting stuff there man... Dreams can be unusual, thta's for sure.

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