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    Hey there
    Nice going with all the studies.
    I think what is a problem with the banana, is that you didn't show its crookedness. Interesting approach actually, as when you think of the banana you actually automatically think of the curve.
    Maybe try one from slightly above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbosnail View Post
    Today's piece is my first ever still life......a banana.

    I'm not happy with the proportions (the length in particular) of it and I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible to help improve my still life skills.

    Thanks for looking!!
    When you start drawing it try not to see the details of the banana, just look at the silhouette, measure the negative space around the banana.

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    @ Janos - Thanks for the comments my friend!! I'll have a go at a top-down shot of a banana next time to try and incorporate the curve. Cheers mate :>)

    @ Liffey - Thanks for the advice Mr Liffey!! Negative space is definitely new terminology for me but I'll definitely give it a go next time out. Cheers Ian :>)

    Today's practice;
    i. Box forms
    ii. Sketches using box forms
    ii. loose sketching using box forms
    iv. Paint over of yesterday's still life (my daughter didn't like the gray banana!!)

    Thanks for looking!!

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    Good studies and I liked the bananas, both of them. Need grounding with a darker shadow (I'm guilty of that) and they would be perfect. The box people are coming on - I liked the one with the shades as he was cool.

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    The Vilppu studies are a great thing. I think you are missing something though.
    At the moment you are still only doing stick figures, you need to use more lines but use them efficiently. One big thing Vilppu focuses on is the twist and bend of the figure, Anything that can bend and spin is emphasised. The neck, the space between the rib case and pelvis, arms, legs. Play on those and you'll get more from those studies

    Keep goin

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    That banana is good.

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    Thanks for dropping by my SB!
    Very nice setup on page 2. The texture practices you've done look very nice, try getting a bit of perspective going with that stuff aye? Looking really good, don't stop studying!

    About the banana, the shadow beneath it could be much darker, atleast on the part the object touches the ground. Maybe a bit sharper colour transitions too. Doing a bit of grayscale studying also helps with defining a light source better.

    Keep it up mate!

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    Good studies mate, great life painting too, keep those up!

    Thanks a bunch for the support in my thread too

    EDIT: Oh yeah, & I'm soooo jealous that you've seen Nirvana, Iggy, AND Sonic Youth live... so cool
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    yesterday, God came to me in a dream and told me that if I don't become a comic book artist, he has decreed that I shall instead be a burlesque dancer.
    And I said, "But God, nice panties are so expensive!"
    And he said, "Welp, I suppose you better shut up and draw."

    SketchBook (updated)

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    Hi Turbosnail!
    about the banana, I think all those suggestions above would help
    maybe a stronger light source? just to show its form abit more
    and really pay attention to how the light hits the banana.
    keep up all the studyin!
    lookin good
    Looking for work! (

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    Those vilppu studies are looking great. Now you need to work on your proportions. Aside from seeing 3d forms you have to look at your subject as simple 2d shapes to place things correctly, in other words using 2d shapes to place 3d forms. As was already suggested, use longer, more confident lines. Draw with your whole arm except for when you're drawing little details (which you shouldn't be concerned with at this point). Keep it up!

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    I agree with fantasyartist about using your whole arm to draw your lines which is something I am trying to put into practice with my own drawings. When I pull it off (which is not very often at the moment) the lines look a lot better. Besides that your box forms looks good but like mentioned would look even better with more confident lines to bring them to life. The banana is cool as well looks like you are picking up some skills using painter!
    The Late Starters Sketch Group

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    Man looking good, such nice improvement!
    The form breaking down seems to really be helping, so awesome work with that!

    I want more imagination stuff though! You need to be applying what you're learning!

    Keep at it

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    lookin good! keep it up
    Art and kindness are my weapons of choice.

    My Sketchbook

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    @ Black Spot - Thanks for the comments Black Spot!! I've retouched the banana to sort out the lighting. Hopefully it's now looking better!! Cheers dude :>)

    @ Aveh - Thanks for the comments Aveh!! I'll bin the stick figures for the next round of gesture sketches. Cheers mate :>)

    @ GoGoJojo - Hey Betsy!! Glad you like the banana. Cheers dude :>)

    @ Rotor - Thanks for the comments Rotor!! I think the reworking has sorted out the lighting issues but I'm definitely going to do some value studies. Cheers dude :>)

    @ JailHouseRock2 - Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by mate!! Living near London I managed to see loads of bands back then like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and the Smashing Pumpkins. Cheers bro :>)

    @ Jeff Lai - Thanks for the comments Jeff!! Hopefully the banana is looking better now. Cheers mate :>)

    @ fantasyartist - Thanks for the advice mate!! I'll try to implement it next time out. Cheers dude :>)

    @ UrbanHermit - Thanks for stopping by again mate!! I'll try to remember to use the whole arm during my next gesture session. Cheers mate :>)

    @ lilnebo - Thanks for the comments lilnebo!! I'll post more of my own stuff....I promise!! Cheers :>)

    @ avocado - Thanks for the comments mate!! Cheers :>)

    Today's practice
    i. Retouching of the banana still life to sort out the lighting.
    ii. Progress shot of a landscape wip.
    iii. A face that emerged from playing with a new brush.

    Thanks for looking!!

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    It's great to see so much commitment here! Your work at breaking down the form into cubes and prisims seems to be working well. Your landscape is looking a bit dark however. Do you know if your monitor has been calibrated recently? I'm looking forward to seeing more work from you.

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