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    Art School Portfolio

    I've decided to apply to art school. I am very intested in conceptual/abstract art and experiemental work and I'm poor so Cooper Union is my first choice.
    I'm completely self-taught and started about a year and a half ago.

    I'm also sending 15-25 more works of various media but my digital camera is broken at the moment, some figure studies, two sketchbooks and an "idea" book.

    None of these are digital: all are either oils, oil pastels, pastels, acrylics, mixed media and the last four are photography.

    But please tell me what you think in the meantime!


    Name:  A Moon, Worn as if it Had Been a Shell.jpg
Views: 395
Size:  85.7 KB
    Name:  As the Sun Sets Through the Trees.jpg
Views: 430
Size:  183.1 KB
    Name:  Autumn Leaf.jpg
Views: 390
Size:  26.6 KB
    Name:  Becoming a Woman.jpg
Views: 395
Size:  32.6 KB
    Name:  Birds of Paradise.jpg
Views: 397
Size:  167.2 KB
    Name:  Blue Thursday.jpg
Views: 386
Size:  107.7 KB
    Name:  Koinos Kosmos.jpg
Views: 382
Size:  34.1 KB
    Name:  Night Rain.jpg
Views: 372
Size:  97.0 KB
    Name:  On Life, Without Exaggeration.jpg
Views: 403
Size:  17.3 KB
    Name:  Path to the Heart I.jpg
Views: 372
Size:  33.2 KB
    Name:  Path to the Heart II.jpg
Views: 370
Size:  6.6 KB
    Name:  Portrait of the Psychiatrist as a Young Man.jpg
Views: 365
Size:  124.7 KB
    Name:  The Perfectionist.jpg
Views: 364
Size:  27.4 KB
    Name:  The Result of Thought.jpg
Views: 356
Size:  31.9 KB
    Name:  The Soul Selects Her Own Thoughts.jpg
Views: 359
Size:  245.2 KB

    Name:  p015.jpg
Views: 349
Size:  132.2 KB
    Name:  rearview1.jpg
Views: 344
Size:  24.2 KB
    Name:  rearview2.jpg
Views: 375
Size:  23.7 KB
    Name:  rearview3.jpg
Views: 341
Size:  30.7 KB

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    nice work i really like them a lot. my fav is the Blue thursday

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