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Thread: Chow 177 :: The SEASONS

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    Dirt: I love the idea and pose. I was wondering are you going to place body paint throughout the rest of his body or are you keeping it just for the top half? I was also kind of surprised that you didn't make the bow string the same color as the face paint.

    Nutter: The concept of snow falling from the ol' man winters beard is awesome. I really enjoy you concept.

    GEB: I believe that you are in the clear as far as the 3/4 go since he is a tree.

    Cam: Wonderful concept. I love the facial expression on the second image.

    Kroevyn: I love the anatomy. Are you staying in that shade of blue at all or are you using more. I can see him lightly dropping snow from his fingers or having ice form around his hands.

    Gerezon: The colors are working great. Nice idea to have him with frost all over.

    Fayth: I love you concept and I can't wait to see more! The squirrels were a really nice touch.

    Farlander: I would really love to see you finish this one because it looks great.
    " You must experiment in order to gain the experience of life."-Rose
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    maximunki eeh...really? Too small? *turns head*...I moved the head to the right just a bit and it looked better right away, but I don't know if it's too big Anyway, I hope you can finish this weeks ChoW. You have a nice concept
    Raoul Please, please, please finish it. I promise you will get better with each digital painting you do. Because each painting will be a new learning experience with lots of aha! and aargh! moments, but believe me, you'll get better.
    Thefarlander Great concept I like your drawing. *hides* I don't want to loose my soul
    Donna Work on it, it's going the right way
    GEB Okay, okay I will give the Supersonic Super Spring Baby a chance. It's coming out nice, I guess you made the custom brush for the petals?

    Okay, I'm done for today. I'm gonna continue tomorrow Still a lot to do. It's funny how it tends to look like Spring again, but I'm doing an Autumn inspired image I'm glad I have to school this week. It allows me to focus on this ChoW....otherwise...well...I didn't had that much time to put into it....
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    Dirtsyndicate: Your character looks really nice. Great style and line work. I do agree with what has been said about the background. It differs to much from the characters style.
    Nutter: That's a nice depiction of winter as an old man. Kind of disgusting though that he's making snow from his beard dandruff lol Serious, I like the idea.
    Geb: I like the expression on that spring kid. A naughty spring
    Frank gressie: That is a good classic pose, and powerful.

    The queen of winter
    strive softly over the landscape
    covering it up with a soft glittering duvet
    of countless amount of tiny cold diamonds

    as she silently brushes by me
    she throws me a kiss
    like a burning cold breeze of love
    and a calm covers me
    as nature around me can finally
    fall into a well deserved sleep

    Well, I guess that says it all what I feel about the winter.
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    GEB - The baby is a bit creepy right now, but that can also be good! Go crazy with petals, create some nice shapes That would rock.
    maximunki - Whaaat you're here too! Awesome Love your little fairy, her hair is gorgeous
    LostFayth - Thank you! Your girl is so pretty! The picture reminded me of Enchanted for a second, with all those happy squirrels and birds. Her head seems a bit too small too me... have you tried flipping the picture horizontally to see if it looks right?
    Dozeren - You have a nice composition thing going on with those swirls :]

    An update to my Autumn - I resketched her clothes soo many times it's not even funny I'm going with lots of pheasant feathers and possibly some leather, as well as a fire for her hair. Also thinking a mecha-like design for her shoulder gear. And some hooves, because deers rock :'D Inspired by a train ride through a thunderstorm.

    Chow 177 :: The SEASONS
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    GEB - I like the contrast from the red leafs upon the beautiful subtle darker colored sky and the "round belly tree man holding a rake-comb" has a realistic face and posture full of expression.

    Adam Schumbert - I loved yer last chow and this one is off to a great start. Wolf-taur-man shows the strength and depth in a single frame.

    TheDirtSyndicate - The sharpedged drawing technique on the horse half of the body is something i keep going back to have a look at. You make it look so clean and simple. Very curious about the end result.

    Carnifex - Great colors and cant wait to see the details.

    Daestwen - I like how her white dress becomes almost merges out of the snow. The red cloak really catches my attention and adds a lot of life to your character.

    Pixeltuner - Now this picture really embodies some passion, i live in sweden where autumn can look nice but turns cold to quickly. Autumn here has a lot to learn from your beautiful wip!

    ArthemisIX - Great autumn pic. I think he needs some adjustments around the legs and closest arm, but wow. Nicely done, i can feel the breeze hes blowing.

    Poshspice - You clearly know how to draw a pretty face and setup a portrait, cant wait to see where this will end.

    Nutter - This is great, love the composition and coloring. You managed nicely to create a snowy winter painting that still shows some warmth and coziness on the inside.

    CamSykes - A lot going on for this lady in green. I feel she is herself creating the season. Cant wait to see the finished version here.

    FrankGressie - This work in progress shares a sense of holiness, she looks like a saint but also sends a chill down my spine as if shes taking a life by removing this last leaf. a bit spooky but oh so great.

    LostFayth This lady has some cute companions, i wanna see some colors in here to get the feel of the rest.

    Gerezon - We talk a lot outside the forums but i have to let you know that the latest version with added snow is coming along great. brrrrr

    Heres my summer prancer in a green leafy forest. I really hope i can pull this off. Really trying to improve myself and learn this craft and its not happening over night so i need to keep at it. Comments and crits is much appreciated
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    yeah, Kroevyn (and others) you're right. that was just a placeholder at first... then i got lazy.
    i've still got some time, i'll probably do a new bkg tomorrow. thanks for the crits
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    This is how far i got with my idea for autumn
    Chow 177 :: The SEASONS
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    A few essentially one liner crits for the last page. I don’t have time to do all four pages, but will do some more when I have a moment.

    Trotis – Sweet. I like umbrellas! Is she standing on one? It’s quite stylised so I’ll reserve crits when I see more where you’re going with it.

    Brixtah – Looking good so far. Very much a ‘Green Man’ feel right now. Not clear at the moment whether he’s leaping through the trees or exactly how he’s ‘hanging’ there...

    Donna – Hair is great! Look forward to seeing how you visualise the ideas you describe.

    Dozeren – Nice composition with the swirls. Careful about full nudity for the poll. We host on Photobucket and they aren’t keen on it. Maybe the arm to her side could hang more relaxed. Looks a bit tense at the moment.

    LostFayth – I think the reason it’s looking like Spring rather than Autumn is the animals. I don’t know why but it’s easier to associate animals with Spring. Your squirrel’s a little small! And the upturned finger: do you intend to have a bird perched there, as right now it could be mistaken for a rude gesture!

    Maximunki – Spring as a child is good idea. I like the description... Pay attention to your values and anatomy. Perhaps push the bottom half of the character more into shadow to emphasise the brightness of the upper. Also, the higher arm seems to shrink toward the hand and the shoulder attaches very high on the neck.

    Geb – Nice! He does look a little creepy right now, but I will give him a chance! It’s the puck like eyes that do it I think.

    The Farlander – The pumpkinman... heh! Good idea, and scary! His stride is very long. I know the perspective is deliberately forced, but you could bring the back leg down a bit, look more natural and not lose that stride.

    Raoul – The figure is interesting and quite sinister. Although the design is stylised and elongated you still need to keep an eye on anatomy. For example the legs, the thigh feels a little tubular, and the lengths both vary. I know it’s only at the rough stage, but correcting errors early means less grief later. As for colouring: if you’re working in greyscale, try applying an ‘overlay’ or ‘colour’ layer blending option with simple chosen colours and work over that on a normal layer.

    Frank Gressie – Great sketch! Not much to say yet about this so far, other than the face looks very nice.

    Gerezon – The knees are quite ‘pointy’, but I don’t see too many problems. The colour is quite saturated, but I’m partial to under-saturation so that’s just me. I think you could do more with the expression. Not being able to see the eyes properly gives him not contact with us, yet we feel he is looking at us. Perhaps make more of the blurred snowflakes that you’ve started on...

    Kroevyn – Nice work... good figure. I suppose at the moment there’s not a lot to it, and I don’t mean that negatively, it’s just nothing to make it out that he represents Winter...

    Ranarh – Very loose at the moment, and as a result not a lot to comment on. Now you’ve got the basic colours and composition down time to start bringing out detail. She is set quite over to the left... but this is what you want I expect.

    Cam Sykes – The arms being branches or shoots is great. Is the character pregnant? As in rebirth?

    Geb – Your other submission... Very nice. I think my major observation about this is the oversaturated leaves. I know what you’re after here, but they stand out a little.

    Mogster – Nice face, tones and you say though, need to see more I think.

    Nutter – Fab! Great paintmarks! Old man winter... How about holding his hand out, the one holding the beard, as though it’s sprinkling snow. There’s seems to be no reason for holding the beard...

    The Dirt Syndicate – Nice design. We almost did a satyr chow. I agree with the cutting off of the toe...

    Wildcat0571 – Look again at the face. The jawline is unrealistic and proportionally it’s not working. However we really need to see more to make a good crit. Looking forward to an update.

    Minovo – Lots of interesting brushmarks and texture. Love the feel of this, but why’ve you cut half the hand off in the composition? You just need to open it out a bit more.

    CKLamb – Like this! Spooky as well. Once again, a ‘photobucket’ safe version might be appropriate as well.

    Arbor – I don’t think youth is a problem. However, proportions of anatomy are looking a bit thick set right now. I appreciate you’re making the character curvier, but the arms and legs are a bit stumpier than comfortable ( I think you know this though ). The emotion is coming along though, and I look forward to the progression on the bear as well.

    More later....
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    old man winter

    ...that old man winter..
    Chow 177 :: The SEASONS
    For those of you who are not acquainted with him, he is a murderous old bastard that tries to kill me at least once a year. I hear he goes easier on the folks down south, but I'm not sure if I believe it. He is cold and miserable and a killer, never forget it.

    just another sketch... who knows how far it will go...
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    First pass, not really sure what I wanna do with her dress yet
    "He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast." -Leonardo da Vinci

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    Poshspice: Ta for the heads up . I'll have to look at that again then. What do I need to cover up? Botox, I hate the (as we call it in Norway) housewife filter.
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    Oh damn, I missed Posh's crit

    I started thinking of mine on Monday night after I read the brief in the afternoon. I asked my family in the car what they thought and they really spurred my imagination, they were a great help.

    So, here is my ideation, which may be too much to actually get done by the time CHOW is due Sunday, but I'll try.

    The idea was to have each season devouring/killing the one that comes before. I realize that I could really go for a lot more with that idea, but I didn't want any gore or nastiness, I dunno. A lot of my ideas for the final painting don't come out in the sketches, because it's a lot of work. I'd rather save that up for the final sketch before painting.... once the decision of comp is finished.
    “It is enough that we set out to mold the motley stuff of life into some form of our own choosing; when we do, the performance is itself the wage.”
    -Learned Hand

    "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed." ~Albert Einstein

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    small update and a few comments.

    Arbor I love your idea! Can't wait for the teddy =)
    CKLamb looks very lava-ish. There seam to be some molten creatures in the background which is cool.
    minovo Love the haircut! The colors make the guy look, I'm looking for the right word, coppery?
    wildcat0571 I know it's very early stage but there seam to be something wrong with his jawline. Not that I'm a master of anatomy (clearly) but you might want to look into that.
    TheDirtSyndicate I absolutely love your picture. Everything from the pose, the shadows, the colors to the very composition =) 2 thumbs up!
    Nutter Great idea. Love the design, but there is something disturbing about the thought that snow is coming out of an old mans beard
    Mogster It's very early but it's shaping up nicely. Can't wait for the final picture.
    GEB Very original work, also one of my favorites. In my opinion the colors look fine!
    Cam Sykes Something about this character is very disturbing. But in a cool, I-can't-look-away kind of way =)
    Ranarh Waiting for more detail, but looks promising. A little depressing but then again it IS autumn.
    LostFayth Thats a pretty girl you've come up with. Can't wait to see her in color. Also, the squirrels make her look a little like a disney princess =)
    Kroevyn I love what you've done so far. It seams simple but there's something about that guy =) Very much looking forward to the finished picture.
    gerezon You've absolutely nailed winter in my opinion. The guy looks like he's freezing but really doesn't give a damn. Just like a winter should!
    GEB The creepy baby pic. Cudos for originality =P But I think I like the tree men better.
    Frank Gressie very promising. Please render as soon as you can!
    TheFarlander Please finish you picture! The guy on the picture looks very sympathetic for a harvester of souls =P (not as creepy as GEB's baby though...)
    DonnaI like the clothed version better. Also very nice choice of colors so far.
    maximunki Looks very nice! I thought Spring would be the hardest to make but you seam to have nailed it. Keep it up!
    Dozeren I like the overall composition. There is something about the characters proportions that bugs me though, not sure what it is. The arms perhaps?
    Brixtah great concept. I like how it captures the energy of summer where everything is full of power! At least where I live.
    trOtis Cool idea with the umbrellas. Also, I like how the green hair is in contrast with the red hood. Though some of the color choices make the picture look summer-like.
    TheFarlander I LOVE pencil work! Pleeeeease finish your picture! And winter isn't so bad once you get to know him
    D.aligh Looks good. The dress, well, that depends on what time of the year you are going for. I'm guessing spring or summer?

    And here the update. Kinda losing motivation here. I might start over. At least I've got a general idea of where I want to go with the design.

    Chow 177 :: The SEASONS
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