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    I hope these will do. I have not been in a funny mood in recent months. This is for Topic A.
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    ok here is another one, >_<

    i had tooooo much sugar in my head today so i can't think straight and so this is funny to me

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    Cad: noun.
    1. An ill bred man, esp. one who behaves in a dishonorable or irresponsible way toward women.
    2. Computer Aided Drafting.
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    Topic C: Panel 1

    P.O.W.! Challenge 32, 33, & 34: Single Panel Funnies...
    There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

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    sucks I missed these, cant wait for the next pow challenge, I plan on being a regular here

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    How do I put this? Hmmmmm.....

    We really blew it probably covers it pretty well. Actually, I blew it because i wasn't here to rabble-rouse due to personal probs, because you guys actually had some nice starts. You just didn't come back and finish the required five images.

    To the good side, we did get two finished sets--one A and one B--that the artists said they were just "doing something fast" but that ended up working surprisingly well and from just enough of a different angle that they actually work at a rather nice level. There will be no poll obviously, but...

    Challenge 32 is won by arttorney, and with a surprisingly effective solution, so this is a real win and not by default. The drawings make it look "auto-biographical, which really sticks it firmly in the genre.

    Challenge 33 is won by Insect Battle, and again, I would call this an honest win. The approach is very creative and just far enough off the beaten path to be effective. This might be worth playing with, especially if you mess around with line weights.

    Challenge 34 has no winner or qualifying entries.

    Thank you all.
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