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    Self Portrait in Oils (WIP, need help!)

    16x20 on gessoed masonite. First self portrait in oils.. first time painting on masonite instead of primed canvas so it feels different, but I do like it.

    U is for crappy yellow ochre underpaintings. I think I need to push the value a lot more, but I dont want to overdo it since I'll be initially glazing some color over the ochre.. will be easy to add more value later. The drawing looked so much nicer as you can see... haha. Just untrained in the medium - I am confident as i lay the paint on in a more 'fat' fashion, I can tighten the details up with my tiny flat.

    Any tips on how to get my fist/arm to look less detached? I'm working with plenty of liquin so I can play with it quite a bit. I just drew what I saw in the mirror but I think the cropping might be the problem?

    Advice please. New oil painter here!

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    Personally, I really like this one. There's a great 'mood' to it, something about the yellow wash (effect) and the great job you did with the lighting and features of the face... I've been staring at it a while and I really like it.

    I went through a period of 'directional brush strokes' regarding oils that was a bit silly, very much stylized, and rather tedious... but I do think there is something to say about the geography of an oil painting. Being mindful of the direction your strokes move from one object to the next might help to separate the fist from the rest of the piece. That's just one thought though... color, contrast, lighting... there's many ways you could affect the piece to get what you're after... but I really think that tooling the brush strokes in a uniform manner (and in doing, separating the fist and shirt/neck) would be my approach.

    Just one of many options though... regardless of the route you choose, I think this is a very good piece. All the best!


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