Talent or creativity?

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    Talent or creativity?


    I'm in an existential crisis here. I've been working as a full time illustrator for kid book for 3 years now. And i'm still strugling with my creativity. Sure I always have to please the client and make what he or she created an cool illustration, but because of this, I never have the time to create for myself. And when I do have time, I feel like a dumbass who can't create anything... I have the talent though, no doubt about it http://www.conceptart.org/?artist=Tiger%20Mimi . But I feel like i'm a boring person and therefore my drawing are boring.

    So my question is: Is it harder to get talent or creativity?

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    Some of the time when people are complaining about their creativity, they are trying to hold their art up to someone else's standards that may or may not match their own goals as an artist. Both skill and creativity require some sort of thought and study but don't lose sight of your goals. Different things come harder to different people.

    I think some of your art is creative especially with subject matter and creature design. Perhaps you can exercise more creativity with the way you use composition.

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    And when I do have time, I feel like a dumbass who can't create anything..
    Happens to everyone, its called an "art block", usually during art blocks, i look at images in my inspiration folder and listen to classical/orchestra/game/movie music, it sets a theme and story inside my mind. Not sure it's your cup of tea, but you should try! , I'm sure something would pop up.

    I don't think you can "get" talent or creativity, i think it comes naturally


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    Creativity is a skill. It's the skill to take stuff in and generate many different combinations from it. And because it's a skill you can get a lot better at it than you are.

    One of the first things you can do is stop letting ideas get away. It only takes a few seconds to jot one down. Weird dream? Write it down. Friend says something like "hey that's funny, you should draw that"? Write it down. Sketch it out. Don't forget it. Even if it seems dumb. You never know when you'll be looking over your list and something will suddenly click and that dumb idea will turn into a great idea. If your list grows too unwieldy, you can always prune the worst ideas away.

    Next, think about how you can turn experiences into pictures. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm always thinking "can I make a comic out of this?" Seek out new experiences. The bigger the pool you have to draw from, the more ideas you're going to get.

    When you have the seed for an idea, use it to generate many ideas. Let's take something like "girl and monster". There's lots of ways to present something like this. Different settings, different situations, different ways for the characters to interact. Is the girl a small child who has found a monster egg? Is she a fantasy cowgirl with a monstrous steed herding weird creatures? Is she an unsuspecting victim of something lurking in the shadows or is she the bridesmaid at an alien wedding?

    If you go back to some of your illustrations and take the most basic idea, you could do twenty completely different pictures on each theme by varying the setting, atmosphere, how the characters feel about one another and so on. You just have to not settle for the first thing that comes to mind, or even the first five things that come to mind.

    Anyway. These are the things that helped me. Maybe they'll help you too!

    *** Sketchbook * Landscapes * Portfolio * Store***

    "There are two kinds of students: the self-taught and the hopeless."
    - Dr. Piotr Rudnicki
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    Take the time to build your visual library, the more things you observe through your culture or history of another the more ideas it can spurn. Learn to use your sketchbook as a journal and not just "well I gotta have this pretty cool looking character" That means, taking notes doodling something even if you think it looks horrible. As someone said you need to learn to record your ideas even if you don't use them right away you can come back to them.

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    Kids are the most creative people EVER! They don't know that limits exist... and if they did, they wouldn't care. Do you ever get any kind of feedback from them?

    Just thinking, if you did, it might kick you off in another direction...

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