Blackbridge: Thank you so much! I don't know how much of it is emotion and how much is just me getting it wrong haha. I was pretty happy with the first one because I did get the kind of mood I wanted (which was quite a bit different from the photograph), but was not so happy with the other ones.

You're totally right about drawing from life. I just have to do it. I've barely moved forward with my cast, but I'm slowly getting back into it. I guess drawing from life is just something I fear so much that I end up never really sitting down and giving it a try, even though it's the same principles. Breaking things into simple shapes and understanding the form is really where I completely snap though, it's just impossible for me!

Some small updates, haven't been drawing much, but getting back into it. All these were done pretty quickly too, I'll stick to doing faster studies when it comes to digital. Still doing line exercises etc. too, but nothing worth showing for now.