Different interpretations of the Same Thing
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Thread: Different interpretations of the Same Thing

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    Different interpretations of the Same Thing

    Hey all,

    I have a character that I drew a while ago named Nibru. I usually ask people I know that can draw to kinda draw their own interpretation of him. I was wondering if any of the people who read this thread can draw something, it doesn't have to be a full out drawing (though that would be pretty sweet) a quick doodle or sketch would be fine, I'm trying to gather as many different styles of drawing him as I can to make a collection. He's what I imagine my Guardian Angel to look like.

    Many Thanks,

    Things that should remain constant through all interpretations:

    - The Halo on top of his head, it should be a solid halo-shaped object above his head. The stripes don't have to be there though...

    - His Mouth is stitched shut, his eye brows are composed of stitches and the marks on his right and left cheek (think of them as warpaint)

    - He is old, has only his left eye and has long hair

    - A Necklace that's the letter M

    - He should be carrying a spear but the design of the spear can change

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