(alenah´s) Demos & Step-by-step thread ..
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Thread: (alenah´s) Demos & Step-by-step thread ..

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    (alenah´s) Demos & Step-by-step thread ..

    hi, I am new to CA (been lurking for some time, finally decided to join too);

    I thought I´d start a - kind of - demo/step-by-step thread of mine,
    to share a few little demos (very simple, actually), painting steps or maybe some mini-tutorials or brush experiments that I´ve done and been posting in different forums/places for the last year or two;

    (besides my regular illustrator´s and 2D-image-post-processing work, I´ve been working as a PS lecturer & author of tutorials/articles for some time, and got used to "record" - or at least capture some working stages of - almost everything I did, which I then used either as demo/illustration for my tutorials or as a project/teaching material for my students);
    actually - not everything I´ve recorded (or will record) is worth posting here,
    so I only will post some, a few of those little demos, from time to time, as I go ..
    hopefully sharing them might be of some interest for someone here too ..
    I am using Photoshop (my major) & Painter
    (+ learning ZBrush, lately)

    some of the demos are animated or real-time screen-captured *gifs or *movs
    (though most of them are very short & simple, sometimes it may take some time to download, thanks for your patience);
    hopefully everything will play ok,

    here´s a character concept - the Pirate - to start with ..

    a creature concept (my CGS Open Figure Drawing Workshop entry) ..

    & the technique I used for painting "organic" shapes ..
    (painting & blending combined, Painter)

    download: larger/a bit longer version here (*mov, cca 3MB) >>

    + testing similar (a bit different, though) technique

    an old illustration - Dragon Embryo as I call it -
    testing hyperrealistic-looking technique
    (Painter, airbrush & blending techniques used)

    download movie here, detailing - cca 3 min - pls note, big file! (*mov, cca 13 MB) >>

    here´s demo of PS watercolor brushes I created
    I posted more - incl. brushes - in a separate thread here at CA >>

    and a little one, a bit more simple

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