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    C.O.W. # 157 -- Wouldn't Wish It On My Wost Enemy-- VOTING!!

    C.O.W. #157 Wouldn't Wish It On My Worst Enemy -- VOTING!!



    Topic: Wouldn't Wish It On My Worst Enemy !

    Deadline for the voting: Wednesday 21 October 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!
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    Artist: Lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: phagist
    After the bombs dropped and the radiation began its twisted cycle across the globe, the earth became far more habitable for the Iamos.
    Here they can be seen collecting living human hosts for the offspring of the Phagist; the secretions of which are harvested for use in biochemical concoctions pleasing to the Iamos.
    The invasive growths of the Phagists oviate slowly hollow out the still living human body before using it as a host-shell.
    One would expect this to be a torturous experience indeed.
    The word ‘anarchy’ comes from the ancient Greek αναρχία in which αν meant ‘without’ and αρχία meant first a military ‘leader’ and then ‘ruler’. Anarchist society is one ‘without rulers’: a classless, non-hierarchical society.
    “You need people like me.
    You need people like me so you can point your grubby fingers and say, "That's the bad guy.""

    SKETCHY Book

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    Artist: Bralt Hannicart

    Concept: Ixodes Urinaria
    The Ixodes Urinaria parasite lays it's tiny, microscopic eggs in fresh water. When swallowed, the eggs manage to make their way towards the bladder, where they cling onto the bladder surface with their tube like tongues. Feeding on salt, the Ixodes Urinaria grows larger and larger. Peeing becomes uncomfortable for the host and when the critter is the size of a large pea, it slowly "rappels" down the urethra while still holding on to the bladder using it's long tongue. It's three hook-like pointy legs press outwards once near the end of the urethra, thrusting them through the skin of the penis and functioning much like fishhooks. The Ixodes Urinaria then fills itself with urine so that it slowly grows even larger and exposes itself. When one tries to remove the bug, it pulls in it's claws so that it squishes the penis and releases an acid inside the bladder resulting in horrifying pain for the host. When dealing with a female parasite, it can also release thousands of eggs into the bladder when trying to remove it. It is possible for the male hosts to "inject" a nearly adult Ixodes Urinaria into a female host during intercourse. It can only be surgically removed but chances are the host is contaminated with dozens of these parasites resting in the bladder. When an adult parasite is removed, others hatch and take it's place.
    Visit my site at

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    Artist: jigatron

    Concept Dentata Daemon

    One of the more horrific denizens of hell, the Dentata Daemon is a blood hound with a specific prey in mind. Men, who in life were proud sexual predators and rapists of women will find themselves set upon by the Dentata Daemon. Standing at 4 feet tall, it is quite small in stature but with it's powerful claws and rippling muscles it is able to rip a man apart within seconds. Unfortunately for it's victims, death does not come that swiftly. The Dentata Daemon's mouth parts are specifically designed to devour a man slowly - genitals first. Feeding can last days as it slowly devours it's prey, with thousands of it's needle-like teeth rotating flesh into it's cavernous maw. Luckily, in hell - death has no meaning, so once devoured - the victim gets to live the experience over and again - for eternity.

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    Artist psantha

    Concept Teabagger-Monster

    The Teabagger-Monster is half as big an a grown up man. It appears in your bedroom when you are asleep, and without any sound it lands on your chest causing strange dreams like being naked in public areas, and being unable to run away or hide. The Teabagger-Monster is soft, an smells like a week old fish on the sun.
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    Artist: Rodimus25

    Concept: Horned Devil Skink
    The Horned Devil Skink located in the wilds of the Tambopata rainforest. Its eggs are rare amongst treasure collectors, due to its shiny gold shin. An explorer or two have risked life and limb in hopes of stealing one. Sadly few have made it back out to civilization. These lizards are foul tempered and have a nasty habit of snacking on would be visitors. This normally takes a chomp or two given the size of this creature and its eagerness to feed.Attachment 799852
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    Artist: Nightherald

    Concept: Chtu'laar Flesh Fiend
    Fortunately for the population of Chtu'laar, the Flesh Fiend is not a common sight. Many experts in the field of Xenology, as well as Government officials, denies its existance entirely.
    A fate truly worse than death awaits anyone taken by the "Horror Slug".

    The creature feeds by enclosing the prey into one of several "Flesh Chambers" that take up most of it's body mass.
    Once in place, the victim is invaded by hundreds of feeder tendrils that effectively takes control of the body. After few minutes the victim is no longer in control of bodily functions,
    and extremely potent chemicals are injected. Effects include mild euphoria, hypersensitivity to pain, dread, paranoia and intense hallucinations.
    The purpose of this drug is to break down the body's immune system and mental defences, making it more receptive to further alterations.
    Within an hour the host's (The victim, in most cases human) metabolism will be linked to the paracite (Flesh Fiend);
    this nourishes the creature while it in turn keeps the victim borderline alive via a constant stream of it's chemical solution.
    Perhaps the most unnerving aspect of the Flesh Fiend's digestion method is the fact that any victim retain full consciousness (Althought insanity tends to follow shortly) at all times.
    Every agonizing moment is yours to savor.

    The paracite will feed until one of three things happen:
    It is killed, and being totaly reliant on it to sustain you, you too die within seconds.
    Your body gives up and you die. A healthy individual can survive far longer than the normal human lifespan.
    It is consumed by a larger Flesh Fiend. You and your symbiote become part of the new creature. The nightmare begins anew.

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    Artist: Carnifex

    Concept: The Ramstinghound

    The Ramstinghound is aptly named after its main modi of attack. It runs you down and rams you in the back with it's sharpened skull, and when you're down,it uses its stinger-tail to stun you. While you are paralyzed and victim of extreme diarrhea (the creature prefers "clean" meat), you are dragged away to its cave and then devoured, sometimes not as a whole,but left for the young or later consumption. Its origin is unknown.

    Sketchbooks of inspiration:
    Marc Taro|Maxetormer|ZhuZhu|Jeri|Dobu]

    Always think about:
    lighting! design! perspective! proportion!
    And (self)motivation is still everything.

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    Artist: Lander

    Concept: Araneae manneaus
    One of a murdering kind. This is a from childhood repeating nightmare of a child hating clown that took physical form when he had a bad trip on acid. After it's birth it devoured the clown and it's closest friends sleeping in the same trailer.
    Sculpt some more.
    My path of learning (sb)
    What I do
    Where I sell my sculptures
    Galleri Hantverket
    Where I have my studio

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    Artist: Siiilon

    Concept: NIA

    Everyone knows the saying, that you must face your fears. But only face to face with NIA you realize absurdness of this statement. In many languages its name means a synonym to an insane fear lurking in the subconsciousness of everyone. NIA is an artist and its brush is its ability to manipulate fear. Although no one living saw this "thing", no one wants to become one of NIA's masterpieces, wretched victims of his passionate sadism.

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    Artist: FishyBoner

    Concept: Lechery Mandragora
    A creature that preys on rapist and the desperate homeless. Lurking in alleyways, and old sewage systems, the texture of it skin allowing perfect camouflage. It's call, or moan is like that a women in the heat of passion to attached any potential prey. Hypnotized by the voluptuous curves, and bio-luminescence light show it puts on to entertain its meal, most don't know whats going on untill its to late, and they are met by rows are razor sharp teeth.

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    Artist: dwinbotp

    Concept: Blood Camels
    written on image, kindly read

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    Artist: sketchius

    Concept: Titanidae

    The largest and most ferocious creature from the desert planet JZR-4032.3, the Titanidae has no natural predators and will chase down any creature larger than a dog with remarkable success. It is incredibly strong and durable, and is very agile for its hulking size.

    Attachment 800384
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    Artist: DeathByChris

    Concept: Rectal Parasite
    contained in image, thanks.

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    Artist: Ragnj

    Concept: Blesebub
    The blesebub deamon is a feared creature, it comes at night, emerging from the walls. Its not you its after though, its after the fresh souls of youre children. It will dig in its hose in their fragile chests and suck it all out, the only thing it leaves is the heavy smell of no filter cigarettes and the empty carcass of the young ones. The souls the blesebub bring back to the dark place they came from to burn in eternity, never to be saved.
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    Artist: evolvingeye

    Concept: Gigavix

    The Gigavix, or "Big Momas" as they are most commonly called. It is said that they kill the females of any other species on sight, and they attempt to capture and enslave the males. Only a few men have ever survived, and those men can no longer speak, or speak coherently. Who can guess what kinds of things those bitches put them through...

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    the regurgitator-lord of vermin

    Artist: vaghauk

    Concept: Regurgitator
    The putrid Regurgitator - Lord of Vermin

    His stench is so strong that who ever gets to close becomes sick immediatly, and while choking on his own vomit - the Regurgitator grabs him and starts to suckle until the victim is suffocated. Toothless - like an old mans mouth - the regurgitator then uses his strong muscles in his throat to crush the bones and swallow the body down to his stomach only to puke everything out and start the whole thing over again.This regurgitating can go on for some days.....
    okay,okay i better stop writing.... i think everybody got the idea...

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    COW Final

    Artist: JoshDArtist

    Concept: Terra Arachno-Worm

    In image.
    Joshua A. Davis

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    Artist: stban

    Concept: Esumvoluntâs

    The "Esumvoluntâs" or will eaters, are used by some of the cruellest races as a method of torture. These beings absorb consciousness and stored in the stock they own in the back, after that, its victims are forced to commit acts of torture against their loved ones, the worst thing is that during all that time the victim is still aware of all their actions but can not do anything.

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    The Queen's Hatchlings

    Vampire Ninja

    The Queen's Hatchlings

    C.O.W. # 157 -- Wouldn't Wish It On My Wost Enemy-- VOTING!!
    This female reptile keeps her hatchling babies in her sack for over 6 months until the babies are strong enough to live on their own. During that time the queen will paralyze victims with her tongue leaving them defenseless to the feeding of her young ones.

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    This is my actual final submission, the other was posted in a hurry, thinking I wouldn't have a chance to resize it and touch up the paint before midnite due to schedule conflicts.

    This is my creature, he captures his victim's soul and turns it into a bony digit if a skeletal hand, which he tortures with his 12 long fingers. Each bone feels the pain of the other connecting bones, in unison, creating a symphonic system of shared torture.
    Last edited by Michael Jaecks; October 14th, 2009 at 08:13 AM.
    Seeking freelance and full time work




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    Okanithrax C.O.W # 157

    Artist: Lege1

    Concept: Okanithrax

    Ancient tales speak of the Okinithrax as a violent creature, with a godly entity, sent by the gods to punish those of impure hearts.

    The Okinithrax as described by the Inca, Maya, and Egyptian tales; descends from the heavens, and uses its telepathic sensors situated on the surface of its brain to locate its victims. The creature uses its energy to teleport, levitate, and electrocute its victims, with tendril like extensions leaving them paralyzed but conscious enough to feel the electricity circulating their body.
    The Okinithrax then proceeds to raising and slowly devouring the victims while staring into their eyes as they perish. This highly intelligent creature eats the victims vital organs last in order to keep it’s feast durable, and fresh.

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    Artist: DaveNeale

    Concept: Splinter Bug

    The splinter bug loves the soft flesh just under your fingernails, for it is tasty and nutritious. A creature of pure spiky badness the splinter bug jams itself under your nail and can't be pulled out until it's had it's fill of tasty nail-flesh.

    Attachment 800801

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    Artist: Steve Somers

    Concept: The Crested Purple Mangler

    Few know the true origin of the intensely hyperactive Crested Purple Mangler. Some say it's the hybrid offspring of a Unicorn that was raped by monkeys in the middle of a river of spawning Salmon. Others believe Gypsies, through selective breeding, and use of occult potions, created the animal as a means to exact revenge upon enemies. One thing remains certain however. Unless you enjoy being slammed repeatedly against the ground like a ragdoll, having your limbs torn from your body, you may wish to avoid the Crested Purple Mangler.

    Updates and new work:

    CA Sketchbook:

    Available for freelance

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    Artist: GoldenSerpent

    Concept: Torture Bug

    This horrible creature was created as the ultimate revenge, the perfect biological torture machine. It injects its victims with a powerful toxin that keeps the unfortunate soul conscious throughout the entire ordeal. The torture bug then begins disemboweling and finally dismembering its prey. It does this slowly and meticulously. While it invades and desecrates its victims body it also invades their minds. The large crest on the torture bug's head allows it to telepathically invade the victims mind. A death at the claws of the torture bug is so horrible its use has been outlawed by almost all galactic governments.

    Attachment 800957
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    Artist: Scorge

    Concept: Vangean Stalker
    When someone threatens you, when your troubles seem all too cumbersome to handle, call upon the Vangean Stalker to set things right and vanquish your enemies. Brutes born to hunt and stalk their prey then with the utmost pain and care shred their victims one ribbon at a time, eventually tearing them apart slowly.
    If you would like to order this ultimate revenge killing machine, simply go to the remote jungles of Kilimanjaro and find the elusive and rare "Senecio Kilamanjarii" plant, also know as the Giant Ground Sel. The roots of this unique plant will allow you to lure and control this ravenous beast. Rub the root on the door of the house of your worst enemy, and prepare to read the headlines in the next days news.
    Check it out
    Blog, we've all got em:
    Creatures Galore!
    Full gallery o'

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    Artist: Duman

    Concept: The Colossal Testilord
    The Colossal Testilord is revered as a god by the secluded peoples of the far east. The beast is too slow to catch most prey, but in a strange twist of cultural fate, the Owanjabbi people worship it as a fertility god. It is fed sacrificial victims consisting of beautiful virgins, and harden prison inmates. The creature first violates and rapes its prey into submission, then swallows it through its many toothed maw. The victim is digested very slowly, while still alive. Eventually, the victim is liquified, and excreted out through a phallus like appendage. The liquid is used as a shampoo/conditioner for pubic hair.

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    Artist: Tom K

    Concept: Bile Leech
    As pollution levels rise new kinds of creatures have begun to evolve in the run offs of California. One of these being the Bile Leech. These parasites typically tend to stay in darker or more polluted areas of salt water. Using their headlamp like eyes and tendrils they lure other creatures to consume them. Once well within the stomach of the creature the Bile Leech can grow up to 6 inches long while reproducing at a very rapid rate. The Leech will stay within its hosts body until it perishes.
    Last edited by Tom K; October 13th, 2009 at 05:15 PM.

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    Posterus Sol Solis

    Artist: ImaGEEnation

    Concept: Bastard Thorn

    Feared by almost every human beings on this planet, this creature will kill anything that's in his path. And sometimes her tortures his enemies by tea bagging them. He's sick...
    The best things in life are free...!

    BLOG SketchBook

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    All righty. Overall, really, really nice work this week. Much, much improved over last week. I think the savage cuts from the Red Hot Doom round helped motivate people. As such, he who taketh away last week chooses to giveth this week. No cuts from the poll. I'll give the power "back to the people," as Lander likes to call it.

    There were a couple of entries I would have cut... NightHerald, GoldenSerpent, Ragnj

    NightHerald: It looks like you're pretty new to this and still getting comfortable with digital painting. I would spend a lot of time on CA in the Critique Center. Make yourself a sketchbook on here if you haven't already. Spend a lot of time building your skills, working from photo reference, drawing from life and seeking the feedback of your fellow artists. (All the usual pieces of advice you find here, but it always is worth it to repeat it.)

    It looks like you might have some skillz, it's just so hard to see when you make the creature that dark. Are your monitor settings out of whack perhaps. It looks like it must look much brighter to you than it does on other monitors. To me it's all very dark, dark, dark, making it difficult to distinguish any detail or anatomy.

    When someone works in this sort of cartoony style, it always throws me for a loop. It looks intentional and there's a lot of work out there in the world that uses this sort of style that I like very, very much. I'm just not sure it's the most appropriate way of working for a weekly activity about creature design. Moreover, your entry is technically breaking the 'no character' rule because you've shown your creature smoking a mouthful of cigarettes. While that's funnny, its the sort of thing that pushes a creature into the character category. A penguin is a creature. A penguin wearing a top hat and carrying a cane is a character.

    At any rate, I'll not intervene with my own cuts this week and let the poll sort it all out.

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