I just posted this in the other thread and thought it would be good to an individual thread so you know....

Those who pick the Idea Development Program up will get FREE access to a streaming presentation by me on Sunday from 3-5pm+ CDT. I am going to be doing portfolio reviews during that time for those who attend and want to hear the truth about their work...at least the truth from my perspective! Those that order on demand will also have access to the review footage as I learned more from watching others get crits in school than listening to my own and that will be helpful to you too. Whether you are trying to get a job, trying to get into school, trying for scholarships or the like...I am happy to share some words that will help.

If you order and cannot make it to the program, but will be watching later in the week or month, you can still pick it up and upload your portfolio and I will review it during that time and it will be On Demand for you when you get ready to watch it. Portfolios must be uploaded to their threads by meeting time though!

If you wish to have your portfolio reviewed by me then all you have to do is create a thread after you sign up for the Illustration Academy and MB Idea Development course and upload the images you wish reviewed. You can also link your website there as well.

Let's have some fun this weekend!