Intuos3 ShortcutKey Setup?

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    Intuos3 ShortcutKey Setup?

    What kind of shortcut buttons do you or would you use for 4 buttons on an Intuos3 Tablet for Photoshop? I'm just getting into painting in Photoshop and I've noticed Undo (one of my current shortcut button settings) isn't used as often while constantly painting over things. So what kind of button setup do you guys use? (yeah I know everyone does it differently, just wanna try out different things to speed up the processes)

    (sorry complete noob to the forums, so of course there's probably a thread I didn't find already on this topic...)

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    Brush size is one using [ and ] works with Painter Photoshop and Easy paint tool Sai.

    You could also use a Horizontal flip key, if you don't use undo or redo that much.

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    I have the A5 Intuos3, so just one set of buttons for me. The strip does Brush Size. The big upper button does Horizontal Flip, the two smaller buttons do Zoom In and Zoom Out. The lower button does Alt (Eyedropper on PSe). On my Stylus, the upper click does Right Click and the lower click does Space (to drag and pan).

    I don't use the buttons that frequently, tho. I keep my left hand on the keyboard invoking shortcuts with AutoHotkey.

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    I use the pen buttons for undo and eyedrop and I use [ ] for brush size and the strip for zoom in and out. I use to use the pen for undo and redo before I started doing a bit of painting. Then I soon realized that I was lifting my hand onto the keyboard none stop to press alt for blending. and changed the pen to undo eyedrop tool.

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