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Thread: IDEA DEVELOPMENT FOR ARTISTS: by Jason Manley & the Illustration Academy! Oct 10

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    IDEA DEVELOPMENT FOR ARTISTS: by Jason Manley & the Illustration Academy! Oct 10

    I am very proud to announce the latest online streaming presentation happening this weekend. Idea Development for Artists. joining me is the Illustration Academy founder and award winning artists John English and Sterling Hundley. As a Bonus to those who attend, I will be doing streaming portfolio reviews on Sunday as outlined in post number sixteen below in this thread. This is essentially two programs for the price of one...and I am very much looking forward to it all.

    What: Idea Development For Artists,
    Who: Jason Manley, John English, Sterling Hundley (The Illustration Academy)
    When: Sat Oct 10th at 11am-3pm CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME (austin texas time!)
    Where: Right here on ConceptArt.Org in this thread:
    How: Here's the direct link to purchase: $95.00 USD
    What else!!! - Attend Idea Development and get your portfolio reviewed by me on Sunday from 3-5pm+ CDT...even if you buy it for watching On Demand later (must sign up before Sunday!!!)

    For many artists, coming up with ideas and building upon them is sometimes a challenging and daunting process. This Saturday's program will answer many questions. For example, here are but a few of the many:

    What are ways in which ideas can be crafted, layered, and presented so that the viewers seeing your work, or your clients or collectors, can feel and understand your piece?

    Where does one start?

    I'm stuck. How can I get past artist blocks?

    Ever get stuck not sure what to paint or where to begin?

    What can you do to build ideas which help strengthen your work and make you more effective as a creative person?

    How does idea layering work?

    What are some of the brainstorming techniques used by artists?

    How can I better organize my ideas so they can be communicated in both simple or complex visual narrative?

    How can I have my viewers or clients understand my work without my ideas seeming blatant, bland, or cliche?

    What processes can I use which will help me strengthen my idea development skills?

    And MANY MORE!

    Artists in all fields are visual communicators right? Without the ability to formulate ideas, build content, story, design, and symbolism from the ground up, an artist is left with empty, hollow work that no one understands. However, it goes far deeper than that.

    Half way through college, I attended a brilliant education program called . it was a summer program where the top illustrators and Fine Artists from their fields would get together and share ideas and make art with each other and a group of talented students. There were demonstrations, presentations, and open sharing of information which moved me forward years in my learning. Years.

    Sound a little familiar? That's right...the Illustration Academy inspired the ConceptArt.Org Workshops. Without them, CA or my work would not be the same, as it was from the Illustration Academy that I learned to not only put my thoughts together or understand the process of idea generation but to see how artists can come up with ideas in art and outside it which have an impact on the world around us all. I saw how they put heads together to do interesting things and create all at the same time. I also saw the importance of building ideas from scratch. It was the best educational experience of my life.

    The focus of the program was all idea and process related to being visually literate. Communication of idea being first and foremost before technique or rendering, for example. If your image does not communicate your ideas and moods, then it fails... no matter how pretty you make the details. But what is the process and devices used to create ideas that are both richly layered and communicate to your chosen audience?

    We are very lucky to have these guys join us. It is an honor for me. John is one of my teachers. The Illustration Academy gave me the information I needed to work on for the next two full years...all from four weeks of the program. When I went to Ringling I really spent most the time trying to perfect what I learned from John and that team there. This is the real deal and I really hope you all enjoy the presentation.

    See you all soon!!!

    Jason Manley

    P.S. I really want to thank John, Sterling, and the Illustration Academy for the support of this community and the upcoming. You guys rock. I am very happy to help others here get knowledge like this, just as I did years ago...all the kinds of things I never got in art shool. Seriously gentlemen, Thank you.

    Bio info is posted below!
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    Here is their bio info for those curious....

    John English was influenced and inspired by his early experiences in Connecticut where he was raised in the company of New York's most talented illustrators. He studied illustration at the University of Kansas with John Collier and went on to apprentice for his father, attending the Illustrators Workshops in Paris, New York and Monterey. In 1984, he began his career, and has received numerous awards from organizations including New York Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Graphis and Print Magazine.

    John's works have graced the cover of Newsweek, the pages of Esquire, Money, and Essence, and the publications of Penguin Books, Bantam Books, Atlantic Records, Boeing, Chrysler Corporation, Hitachi, 7-Up, NCAA, Sprint Corporation, and the Knoll Furniture Group.

    For the last several years, John has moved his emphasis in the direction of his personal work. English is now producing art for gallery exhibitions. In 1996 he had his first landscape show at the Kinkopf Gallery in Breckinridge, Colorado. Since that first showing, he has produced at least one major one-man show every year. His original art work can be seen in many corporate collections, major hotel lobbies and in galleries across the country. John lives in the Kansas City area with his wife Marcia, their daughter Rachel, and sons Austin and Matt.

    Making images for over twenty years, John English is an award-winning international illustrator as well as an accomplished gallery painter.

    The images he creates for galleries are based on keen observation. Shapes interlock to form compositions that are both placid and dynamic. Atmospheric perception of colors combine with an orchestration of edges to create a palatable "sense of place" in these sensitive works. Whether a mountain vista or a cityscape emerging from the early morning light, these images captivate the viewer and spark the imagination.

    John's paintings are held by both private and corporate collectors around the country. His works are displayed at the American Legacy Gallery in Kansas City, and in The Telluride Gallery in Colorado.

    Here are some of Sterlings Clients and his Bio:

    Sterling Hundley’s work has appeared regularly in the pages of Communication Arts, American Illustration, Print Magazine, the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators, 3 x 3, Graphis, Step by Step Graphics, the Society of Publication Designers, and the New York Society of Illustrators. In addition to winning three gold, and two silver medals from the Society of Illustrators, New York, Sterling has been awarded gold and silver medals from the Illustrators Club in Washington, D.C. Feature articles on Sterling's work have appeared in Communication Arts Magazine, Print's "Young Visual Artist" issue, RVA magazine, Illustration Now, Step by Step Magazine, RVA magazine, and the blog: Illustration Art. For a three year period, from 2006- 2008, Sterling was the most highly awarded illustrator in the United States.

    Sterling illustrates in Richmond, Virginia and is currently represented by Richard Solomon Artist Representative in New York City. He is a Professor in the Department of Communication Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, and is one of five core instructors at the Illustration Academy.

    * Marvel Comics
    * 64
    * Adcenter
    * AIGA
    * Angels on Earth
    * Arnika
    * Atlantic Monthly
    * Bay Winds
    * Booz/Allen Classic
    * The Box Studio
    * Bungie
    * Chew on This
    * Chicago University
    * Christianity Today
    * Communication Design, Inc.
    * The Deal
    * DARTMOUTH ALUMI magazine
    * Dellas Graphics
    * Denver 5280
    * Dever Designs
    * The Eisner Museum
    * Entertainment Weekly
    * GQ
    * The Grammys
    * Harper Collins
    * Hemispheres
    * The Illustration Academy
    * Imbibe
    * Lawrenceville School
    * Legal Affairs
    * Liberty magazine
    * Los Angeles Times
    * Major League Baseball
    * The Martin Agency
    * My Generation
    * Mullen
    * muller
    * The New York Times
    * New Yorker
    * North American Review
    * Outside magazine
    * Penguin/ Putnam Books
    * Philadelphia Opera Company
    * Point Park University
    * The Progressive
    * pacifico
    * Random House
    * Red Bull
    * Richmond magazine
    * RoKa
    * Rolling Stone
    * Saveur magazine
    * Scholastic Books
    * Scholastic Press
    * Scratch
    * Spotco
    * Sterling Publishing
    * Strawberry Frogs
    * Tor Books
    * Talk magazine
    * Texas Monthly
    * University of Charleston
    * Unisys
    * Utne
    * Vibe
    * The Village Voice
    * Virginia Commonwealth University
    * Virginia Education Association
    * Virginia Living
    * The Washington Post

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    Oh hell yeah, can't wait for the 10th!

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    Having to work all weekend takes me away from being able to see this live but hopefully you will have it on demand later on...
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    Yep we sure are. We really need your support on this stuff. Between the technology and the online school program you can know that your participation means that this community will become the best educational portal on the planet. We are just getting started. I hope you can make it. On Demand is available as well for 30 days so there is time to watch if you can't make it live. If you can't make it live and still have questions we can answer them in a thread in the streaming forum for this presentation, after the event.

    We are here to help. Thanks everyone!


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    Hmm, seeing that this is something I struggle with on a day to day basis I can't really miss this one.. Nice one Jason
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    This looks brilliant!

    I've not streamed just wanted to know if there is anything I should look out for before I commit the money? (i.e computer requirements, internet connection etc)

    I can't find a FAQ page for streaming (am at work though so had to rush a bit)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Manley View Post
    Yep we sure are. We really need your support on this stuff. Between the technology and the online school program you can know that your participation means that this community will become the best educational portal on the planet.
    You guys are just freaking awesome and I really think that your schoolprog. will be FUC*ing awesome!!!!(my favourite smiley )

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    Attending the workshop

    how do i go about paying and signing up for the lecture
    i live in the philippines

    please help


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    Wow, this sounds fantastic!! How long is the presentation scheduled to last?
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    HAHA! so excited about this one. I really do love these things, who guys are such great teachers, and im always really glad to spend money on and learn.

    I get the feeling that no school or Uni could come close to this, and that saddens me as for so long i have built it up in my mind as such a great thing....and with the Concept school are too good to us.

    Had to get that little bit of adoration and thanks of my chest and out there.

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    Sad I have to miss the live version of this but I am definitely going to pick up the on demand. Thank you for making this available! I am very excited to see what you guys have in store for this! = )
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