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    general guidance?

    Hi guys,

    I'm sixteen. lol.

    I like anime and manga a lot, but that's not what I want to draw (I'm sure a lot of the users around my age that you get here are weeaboos... lol).

    I'm more into art nouveau, psychedelic art and children's illustration. I think I want to write and illustrate children's fiction and/or graphic novels someday. :3

    I Maurice Sendak (duh), Mary Blair, Satoshi Kitamura, Leo Lionni, Bill Peet, Arthur Rackham, etc.

    My question is, where do I start? What skills do I need to learn to do this? I've been drawing with no guidance my entire life and I know I've picked up some terrible habits.

    I know I'm going to get "start with anatomy," hah. I know it's true-- but what else?

    Here is my Flickr page-- I want a completely honest assessment of strengths and weaknesses (mostly the latter). Oh yeah-- so you don't have to wade through the other stuff, I have a drawings set that's... well, just drawings. lol.

    Thanks so much! :]

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    To be honest... In your type of field, "correct" anatomy is not as much needed as say, a portrait artist. What you should really focus on instead is action poses and emotion. As far as drawing goes, it's impossible to say that what you're drawing is bad... Again, for your field of work it's what you want it to be. But I would say to at least use prismacolor markers instead of crayons. You'll have way cleaner fills and they can blend and move around nicely on marker paper.

    Again, it's really tough to asses the "problem" considering I do not know exactly how you want your work to be. Drawing in a cartoon style can range from stick figures to blown out comic book inking.

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    Haha you picked up on the "start-with-anatomy-natural-response" to questions like yours it made me laugh! Anyway...
    Besides that, I would also say start drawing from life too, such as setting up still lifes and drawing them, going out in public and drawing people or the scenery, just anything which gets you observing and analysing things from life, it really doesn't matter what you draw. Also looking at perspective may help you in your art. Basically, you just need to start out building your founation skills in art. I'd definately recomment opening your own sketchbook thread in the Sketchbook forums, as you can post your art, studies as you progress and get help and advice from other artists - it is really helpful

    You can also just look at other artists work, if you like art nouveau, I'd just recommend researching it and looking at artists which fall under that category. One artists I can name off the top of my head is Alphonse Mucha, his artwork is really good and I'd definately suggest looking at his work! Also, expand your interests and look at other art forms you wouldn't usually look at, as you can be surprised where you can find great artists, and doing so will expand your own horizons too!

    I've only had a quick look at your drawings from the link you posted, so this is only going from what I have seen (as I don't have time to look through them all tonight, sorry!) Overall you have a nice style, but your characters and people are very stylised. Most artists learn anatomy etc first, and can ususally draw realistic figures before they stylise characters, so they have a better understanding of what they are simplifying and things. I'm not really sure what advice to give, apart from working on your foundations, as I am pretty much a beguinner myself, and am working on my foundations (which haven't been built much at all).

    I hope my advice has helped you, but I'm sure more experienced people will come here and give you valuable advice
    Oh! and make sure you look around the website - it is literally FULL of so much informaton, help etc you could almost get an entire education from it! There is a lot to be found if you look

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