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    The Furniture Thread

    Okay, so as my house progresses, it's getting closer to time to buy some furniture. Living in Europe, it'd be hard to order anything from the states, but if you know of a really cool design, there are furniture makers who can do all sorts of custom things. I'm going to list the items I most need, and then you guys can post any furniture you like. It can be a suggested item, or just something you think looks cool. Knock yourselves out! So far as suggestions, let's pretend money is no object - it's more fun that way, and it's ideas I'm mostly after.

    1. A Livingroom Couch. Because of the shape of our livingroom and doors around it, we'd like a large L-shaped couch that can sit around five-six people comfortably. I'd love for it to be a sleeper-sofa too, for guests. So here are my requirements: easy clean fabric, light enough (relatively) to move for cleaning, very comfortable for sleeping, no hard spots that might hurt someone. My parents have an angular, hardwood couch, Alvar Alto (sp), and with just a couple pillows on top we've all banged every limb and head on that thing. I wish I could kill Alvar Alto myself after all those years. I also don't want anything white where I have to worry about permanent stains.

    2. A nice coffee table. I like a nice wood-ring pattern.

    3. Beds - we'll need two queen size ones, for our bedroom and the guestroom. I'd like them to have soft padding along the sides and corners, and with the legs placed inwards so I don't stub my toes on them. It'd be nice to have a shelf in back, instead of the traditional headboard.

    4. I'd like a really cool bunkbed for my son - something castle style with a shelf/staircase on one side and a slide on the other. Possbly some small mid level with shelves.

    5. I'm going to keep most of my books in the attic, and I'd love to have shelves with wooden doors - I could engrave a family tree on them.

    6. I need some furniture for the studio. I'm not sure exactly what I need, but I know I'll need a dry rack, and I'd like a good set up for watercolor. Oil paint is easier, all I need is a little table on wheels for my palette. But watercolor's a bit more complicated and and special advice/table top material, would be appreciated.

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    Well, you have probably already considered it, but I'm a big fan of the IKEA couches. My Klippan couches have removable and washable covers (great with kids!) I have two sets of different covers that I change every once in a while and I use that occasion to wash them. They are light enough that if they had handles, I could lift one with one hand. I don't think they have the kind of shelves you are looking for. Or beds with padded legs.

    They also have such cute kids furniture!

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    Hello TASmith... I was thinking about this for a minute... What would I need if I had a place that I could mould into my own studio...

    The first thing that hit me was a working SINK!

    I hate using my bathroom sink for cleaning my brushes... I didn't know if you thought ahead on it though.

    I wish you the best of luck and I grumble and moan at your fortunate success... (I really want to build my own home too )


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    The sink's already in the plan

    If anyone knows a nice design for a sink that can filter out paint and crud, and protect the environment, that'd be very helpful.

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