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    question about 3dmodeling robots

    When modelling a robot (was thinking mostly lowpoly but highpoly some time in the future) Do I model everything in one pice (ie extrude everything from one box) or do I make it out of segments? legs chest head and stuff like that out of separate boxes?

    Will be going for something like this

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    When modeling think of it more like creating something real. Nothing is made from one solid piece of plastic or metal. Its very important to create many pieces, and its even more important to make those seporate pieces show sometimes. You would have to be a super genious at topology to make it out of one solid mesh!

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    the legs and body could be 1 mesh, but some of the detail, you definately want to seperate them.
    sketchbook <- help me improve!

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    I think it in general seperate parts is easiest for hard surface type stuff. Like someone said before, very rarely is any 3d model made from a single mesh. alot of concept sculpts are one mesh that would later be seperated out and modelled in segments later. but in the end it's what ever work best for the model and it's purpose.

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    Thank you so much for all the help everyone! I will start modelling it this weekend (if I get the time XD)I'll be asking more questions and showing progress as I move along.

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    If you are using max, you can:
    Make the object once.
    Clone it in the direction you want it to be, make a spline in the shape you want it to bend.
    And use the World space Path Deform.

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